Top 10 FMCG Companies in India 2021

Here is a list of top 10 FMCG companies in India; these are the best companies in Fast moving consumer goods sector. And ranking process of FMCG companies is frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | Hindustan Unilever
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Turnover – 4.0 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 16000+ | Business – Food, Beverages and Personal Care |
Sector – Private Sector | Career
The fast moving consumer goods are those goods which help the company to earn easily and earn fast. The products are available at a relatively lower price than that of the others and in this context, the company which is sure to be among the top 10 FMCG companies in India is HUL or Hindustan Unilever Limited. The company is one of the best of this kind not only in the nation but abroad as well.

2 | Colgate-Palmolive
Corporate Office – New York, USA | Turnover – 17.08 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 37000+ | Business – Personal Care |
Sector – Private Sector | Career
When it comes to fast consuming consumer goods, what are the products that you would need? Obviously, the daily needs that you have! Then surely, this is one that includes your daily habit right from the morning itself and this is just where Colgate comes to the frame as being one of the most reputed brands and also as one of the most loved by customers, this company has all that it takes to be a good FMCG company.

3 | ITC Limited
Corporate Office – Kolkata, WB | Turnover – 7.0 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 29000+ | Business – Tobacco, Hotels and Personal care |
Sector – Private Sector | Career
ITC is such an organisation that has many categories in which it helps the customers, then let it be the hotels or the snacks, ITC is everywhere to help you. The company has been able to make the business quiet well and offering the customers with a quality product this company has been able to win over their trust and respect.

4 |Nestlé
Corporate Office – Vevey, Switzerland | Turnover – 87.0 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 328000+ | Business – Food, dairy products and Coffee |
Sector – Private Sector | Career Website
Ranked among the best FMCG Companies in India, Nestle India, one of the companies that have captured the market for all your needs, then let it be the chocolates for the kids or the powdered milk, the company has well been able to capture the market in many fields at large. The company has also been able to satisfy the customers well with the quality of the products and the price range and this makes it even more acceptable to all.

5 | Parle Agro
Corporate Office – Mumbai, maharashtra| Turnover – 1 Billion dollar (Approx) |
Employees – 2500+ | Business – Food items and beverages |
Sector – Private Sector | Career
Parle, The company that has been the one that has paved the way to becoming the most trusted company in the nation in its field. The company is also among the top 10 companies in the nation when it comes to FMCG companies in the India. The company has products like biscuits, canned fruit juices and other such products.

6 | Britannia Industries Limited
Corporate Office – Kolkata, WB | Turnover – 730 Million Dollar |
Employees – 2000+ | Business – Food items and dairy Products |
Sector – Private Sector | Career
Well, the country has its roots laid out almost 123 years ago in the streets of the then Calcutta, where a baker made some of the most delicious biscuits that one can ever have. This is from where the company named Brittania came up to be among the top FMCG companies not only in the biscuit world but in the world of FMCG as well.

7 | Marico Limited
Corporate Office – Bandra, Maharastra | Turnover – 850 Million Dollar |
Employees – 1000+ | Business – Oil and personal Care |
Sector – Private limited | Career
The company is functional in many of the countries worldwide and this makes the company the one that would have loved to serve you in every possible way. The company has always been among the favourites of the customers and it is the same even after 44 years of the date of its inception.

8 | Procter & Gamble
Corporate Office – Cincinnati, USA |  Turnover – 83 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 125000+ | Business – Food, Beverages and Personal care |
Sector – Public limited | Career
P&G, the company has the bright reputation of being the centre of attraction in many fields, including all the categories that would have ever been there in these 170 years. The company has worked in perfect harmony with all the partners that it had and they have all always gained immensely under the banner of the P&G.

9 | Godrej Group
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Turnover – 4 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 25000+ | Business – Personal care, real estate and Engineering |
Sector – Private Sector | Career
The company established as early as in the late half of the 19th century seems to be going quite strong even in this era of the early 21st century! The company have always been ambitious and that has what helped the company to grow in all the sectors! Even now, the company targets to enlarge itself by 10 times by the year 2020 to what it was in 2010. It also ranked topmost FMCG Industry in India

10 |Amul
Corporate Office – Anand, Gujrat | Turnover – 2.15 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 700+ | Business – Dairy Products |
Sector – Cooperative | Career
With a company having an annual turnover of Rs 20733 crores each year there is not much that we would have to say about this company to prove that it is worth to be on the list. Amul has been a pioneer in the fields of the departments of milk and milk products. This company is also one of the top 10 FMCG Companies in India.

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