Here is a list of Top 10 German companies in India; these are the leading organization from Germany involved in various businesses like pharmaceutical products, equipment manufacturing, engineering and chemical field. Ranking process of these best German organizations in India is frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | Bosch Group
Corporate Office – Stuttgart, Germany | Establishment – 1886
Business – Engineering equipment manufacturer | Website
The company perfectly excels in the fields of mobility solutions, energy and building technology, and has been in business for quiet a few years. This is surely a reason why this company is termed as one of the best German companies India and you would love getting in tough with the company to get a perfect solution to any of the problems stated above.

2 | Carl Zeiss
Corporate Office – Oberkochen, Germany | Establishment – 1946
Business – Optical and optoelectronics | Website
ZEISS is the company that you would be looking for, if you are looking for a technology leader in the fields of optics and opto electronics. The company through the days of inception has been a leader in the trade and they have honestly helped the clients to get along with a great experience and this has led to them producing the best results that one can possibly think of!

3 | Bayer
Corporate Office – Leverkusen, Germany | Establishment – 1863
Business – Pharmaceuticals and Chemical | Website
Bayer, rated one of the top 3 German companies in India, which has been for long using itself to provide the people with the best possible solutions to all the problems that you can possibly think of in the field of science. The company is not just the top company among all the German companies in the nation, but it is also a great company as a whole.

4 | Henkel
Corporate Office – Düsseldorf, Germany | Establishment – 1876
Business – Adhesive and beauty products | Website
Excellence is our passion. When a company has a tag-line as such what else than the best can you ever expect from the company at large, obviously nothing but just the best. There are many evidences of this company, Henkel providing the people with just that, nothing but just the best for all that you can ever think of. The company has excelled in every possible way!

5| Abicor Binzel
Corporate Office – Buseck, Germany | Establishment – 1977
Business – Welding and Cutting torch | Website
The company present in all the 5 continents of the world and also in effect in almost 3 dozen nations across all the continents, the company surely has something to show to be among the top 10 German companies i in India. The company has basically put into effect all the latest technologies and the advanced formulas in the business to make the system work. So as to support their customers to the fullest.

6 | DMG Mori Seiki AG
Corporate Office – Bielefeld, Germany | Establishment – 1870
Business – Cutting Tools | website
DMG Mori one of the other well known and renowned German companies in effect in India and the one which is here to stay for long and would be surely loved by all. The company is one of those that has been stable even at the times of distress and there are many various other reasons that make the company one of the grandest that you can possibly think of.

7 | Allianz
Corporate Office – Munich, Germany | Establishment – 1949
Business – Insurance and asset management | Website
Allianz, one of the most famous and trusted German companies in India. The company has as many as 85 million international customers which are into effect in the recent days and one can surely guess the transparency and the effectiveness of the company that has helped them yield so huge a number of customers.

8 | Daimler Chrysler
Corporate Office – Stuttgart, Germany | Establishment – 1998
Business – Automobile | Website
Diamler, when that is what is the name that you find you honestly know that trust and honesty comes with the name itself. The company has a set of the most dedicated and the most able set of officials which are sure to help one in each and every need, thus enhancing the customer satisfaction which is undoubtedly the major goal of every company at hand.

9 | Dhl
Corporate Office Bonn, Germany | Establishment – 1969
Business – Courier & logistic | Website
DHL, comes with an Engineering manufacturing and supply chain and has been in high points in the nation for all that it has worked on. The company is well known as the world’s largest logistics producer. The company provides one with a detailed service in many of the fields that one would ever need.

10 | Basf
Corporate Office – Ludwigshafen, Germany | Establishment – 1865
Business – Chemical Business | Website
BASF helps the people of the nation grow the their vegetables with the help of the latest and the most convenient technologies, however they do not let go the primitive ones that have been into effect and this innovative idea by the company has surely been one of the major reason why it is among the best German Companies in India.

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