Here is a list of Top 10 Glass companies in India; these are top glass manufacturers in the country which are producing best quality glass products for various uses to the industries. An Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, Liquor, Beverages, Cosmetics, Processed Foods industries are the major users of glass products. We provide you the list of best Glass companies and these are frequently being updated by our expert team.

# | Hindustan National Glass & Industries Limited (HNGIL)
Headquarter – Kolkata, Bengal | Founded – 1946
Business – Glass Containers | Website
Hindustan National Glass and Industries Limited is one of the supreme in the field of glass manufacturers in India and has over the years been one of the most efficient of all the companies operating in this particular field. The company gets along with quiet a many varied fields to excel upon and this is just the reason why it is among the top 10 glass manufacturing companies in the nation

# | Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS)
Headquartered – Gurgaon, Haryana | Founded – 1984
Business – Automotive glass products, Laminated windshields, tempered back and door glass and value-added glass, Architectural glass products, Tinted glass, solar control & heat-reflective glass, mirrors, frosted & lacquered glass |
Let it be any glass! The automobile glasses or the architectural glasses. The company is here to help you out with it! Come up and all you would get all that you can ever think of. The company is also among the top most companies in the world and helps all in every possible way. Thus, this is one of the best glass manufacturing companies around.

# | La Opala RG Limited
Headquarter – Kolkata, Bengal | Founded – 1986
Business – Opal Glassware, Crystal Glassware | Website
La Opala, isn’t the name enough to fascinate you with the quality. The company has been in the field of decorative glasses for quiet some time to make it a point to stand out as one of the leading companies in glass manufacturing. The decorative glasses of the company surely deserves a mention. They are just the ones that you can ever think of when it comes to good decorative glasses.

# | Borosil Glass Works Limited
Headquarter – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Founded – 1988
Business – Scientific & Industrial Glassware, Consumer ware, Low Iron Solar Glass, Lighting |
Borosil, the company which has left a special mark in the air tight container in the kitchens of the nation and is also one of the leading laboratory goods manufacturer in the nation. All that you would want from the company is the best and the company has nothing other than that to offer to the clients.

# | Saint-Gobain Sekurit India Limited
Headquarter – New Delhi, India | Founded – 1996
Business – Float Glasses and Mirrors, Automotive glass products | Website
This is a 350 years innovative group. Is there anything else that needs to be discussed about the company. The basic rules that the company follows to satisfy the customers is to just offer them the best services and the deals that one can ever think of. There are also many other ways in which the company is far more efficient in all the possible ways which surely makes it one of the top 10 glass manufacturing companies in India.

# | Empire Industries Limited
Headquarter – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Founded – 1963
Business – Amber Glass Containers for pharmaceutical industries | Website
A 105-year-old company, this company have been well in effect in the British rule as well. The company has been in full effect ever since it had started just because there was no other way one would have been able to lead a company and be famous at the same time with just all the reputation that it had right from the beginning of the company.

# | Binani Industries Limited (BRAJ Binani Group)
Headquarter – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Founded – 1872
Business – Fiber Glass and Composites | Website
Pioneering in any of the field is just not an easy thing or any one’s cup of tea. Pioneering in any field needs quiet a many of the qualities in a company that one looks up to and all that you will get from this company is all that you need to be a pioneer in the trade that you are looking at. The company brings in all the experience and talent that it has ever had and that is just what makes it able to stand out.

# | Haldyn Glass Limited
Headquarter – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Founded – 1991
Business – Amber Glass Containers, Clear glass Vials | Website
Among the top rated glass companies in India, the company with the help of two glass melting furnaces, tolls up to a total of 320 tons of glass melting capacity per day. The company is sure to help one with the largest of all the needed facilities and thus make quiet good a production to satisfy the customer needs. There are also all other processing units that would help hasten the work power.

# | Nile Limited
Headquarter – Hyderabad, Telangana | Founded – 1987
Business – Lead and Lead alloys | Website
Being an ISO 9001 certified company, the company is one of those that would simply help you get all your fantasies related to the glass company fulfilled with the group of abled leaders and the young blood that the company has in to offer to the clients at large. The company offers all support to the customers and reach out to all their needs.

# | Swiss Glascoat Equipment Limited
Headquarter – Vithal Udhyognagar, Gujarat | Founded – 1991
Business – Carbon Steel Glass Lined Equipments | Website
Surely among the most reputed companies in the glass manufacturing companies in India, the company has always been in the frontier of the top of the list. The company has a capacity of producing 8000 glass lined equipment which helps them to emerge as the pioneer in many of the customised and well-known processes!

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