Here is a list of Top 10 Infrastructure companies in India, these best Infra organization in the country which are engaged in various Engineering & Construction activities such as Civil Projects, Transportation Projects, Hydro & Nuclear Power Projects, Airports, Highways, Seaport, Cement, Real Estate & SEZ etc. List of giant infra development companies are frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | Larsen & Toubro
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1938
Business – Civil Projects, Transportation Projects, Hydel and Nuclear Power Projects |
Larsen & Toubro, one of the top 10 infrastructure companies of the nation, was set up in 1938 and ever since its initial days, it has kept on with the legacy of providing with the best infrastructure for any client it has worked with. The company has worked with companies like passenger terminal building for Salah airport, Sheikh Khalifa Interchange and Water Treatment Plant of Barmar Water Supply and also many such well-reputed projects.

2 | GMR Infra
Corporate Office – Bangalore, India | Establishment – 1978
Business – Airports, Energy, Highways and Urban Infrastructure sector | Website www.gmrgroup.inThe company had initially started off as a small jute mill. Over a span of 28 years, the company has extended its reach to every possible aspect in today’s life. The company now has an experience of almost thirty years and also have helped in the development and the modification of the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) in New Delhi. The company has also worked in various fields that one can think of.

3 | Jayprakash Associates (Jaypee Group)
Corporate Office – Noida, Uttar Pradesh | Establishment – 1979
Business – Engineering & Construction, Cement, Power, Real Estate, Expressway etc. |
Jaypee group is considered as one of the largest groups in the country and the group has excelled in every single field that it has ever laid its hands on. When it comes to the Infrastructure department of this industry, the experience and the job areas speak the most. The company has one of the unique records of working with as many as 13 Hydro-power projects, simultaneously at the same time. There also many more similar projects that the company has undergone.

4 | Reliance Infrastructure
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 2002
Business – Road, Metro, Airport, Cement, Real Estate & SEZ | Website
Reliance Infrastructure Limited also known as RInfra is one of the most reputed companies of the nation, when it comes to construction purposes. The company mainly focuses on the power generation industry and that includes the likes of generation, transmission, distribution and the trading of power.

5 | Lanco Infratech
Corporate Office – Gurgaon, India | Establishment – 1986
Business – Road, Metro, Airport, Cement, Real Estate & SEZ | Website www.lancogroup.comLanco Infratech Limited is one of the most familiar names to the construction industries in India and there is just no reason why it should not be maintained as one of the top infrastructure companies in India. The company has worked in projects like construction of roads, airports, ports, highways and also has its focus set on the highway sector. The company is also presently working on the NH 48.

6 | Punj Lloyd
Corporate Office – Gurgaon, India | Establishment – 1982
Business – Mega Infrastructure, High-rise Buildings, Seaports & Airports | Website www.punjlloyd.comPunj Lloyd is one of those companies which have been able to put up a strong hold of the activities in the nation. The company has not only looked after the construction sites and delivered their projects well across time in every case, but it has also taken all the measures to make sure that it is safe and stable a building for all. The multi-national company has its branches set up in many parts of the world like Africa, South Asia, Middle East and the Caspian.

Corporate Office – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh | Establishment – 1987
Business – Turnkey Projects | Website
This company was founded 25 years ago has now over the years grown up as one of the most trusted companies helping the nation with the infrastructure departments of the nation. The company is now existence through out the lengths and the breadths of the nation. The company is now working in one of the largest desalination plant in Chennai.

8 | Hindustan Construction Company
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1926
Business – Engineering & Construction Services | Website www.hccindia.comWell known for the world class construction sites and the great facility that the company has made its way as one of the top most companies in the nation. There are many projects that the company has worked on and the company has huge reputation among many of the states and all across the nation.

9 | NCC Infra
Corporate Office – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh | Establishment – NA
Business – Infrastructure Projects | Website www.nccinfra.comWhen a company works on five road projects at recent time and all of them simultaneously, which all together ranges across a distance of 253 kms of length, the company would surely be one of the most reputed companies in the nation. And when the company that is into consideration is NCC Infra then there is just way too many things that the company has to offer in infrastructure industry.

10 | Gammon India
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1922
Business – Transportation, Power Projects etc. | Website www.gammonindia.comWith so many civil engineering companies at hand, its tough to choose the top 10 infrastructure companies in India, but then out of all these companies like Gammon always stand out with their own repute among all the others. The company has been in the field for quite many years and has undertaken projects for the gateway of India to dams, ports or even thermal power plants, Gammon has always been a part of the greatest infra structure companies in the nation.

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