Textile manufacturing is one of the most major industries. It completely based on the production of yarn from the fibre. There are a large number of textile companies in India. Here is a list of Top 10 Textile companies in India; these are the best companies in Textile and clothing sector. Ranking process of companies is frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | Wardhman textiles
Corporate Office – Ludhiana, Punjab | Turnover – 1 Billion dollar |
Employees – 25000+ Business – Textiles |
Sector – Public Sector | Website www.vardhman.com
It was way back in 1962 that the company started in Ludhiana, Punjab, under Shri Ratan Chand Oswal and Shri V.S Oswal. The company initially had 6000 spindles by the year 1965 to manufacture cotton yarns. The company has grown ever since then and now, the company is among the top 10 textile companies in India.

2 | Arvind Mills
Corporate Office – Ahmedabad, Gujrat | Turnover – 932 Million Dollar |
Employees – 2500+ | Business – Textile |
Sector – Public Sector | Website www.arvindmills.com/
Arvind, the company started up in the year 1931 and as a matter of fact was one of the first textile companies in India. There were many things for the company to offer to the people even in the pre-independence era and they have continued with the legacy even in the present days. The company which had started with only $55,000 is now considered one of the most highly growing textile industry in the recent world.

3 | Bombay Dyeing
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Turnover – 310 Million Dollar |
Employees – 10000+ | Business – Textile and Clothing |
Sector – Public | Websitewww.bombaydyeing.com
This is that place where tradition meets the latest era. The company that has been in effect for 250 years, with a chain of over 350 stores in India and also above 2000 multi stores in India is surely bound to be a popular name in the textile industry of the nation. This helps them to become the most important of all the companies in the nation.

4 | Raymonds
Corporate Office – Mumbai, India | Turnover – 250 Million Dollar |
Employees – 10000+ | Business – Textile |
Sector – Public Sector | Websitewww.raymondindia.com
Raymond started hopefully with the then present scenario of the people across the nation. The company which is more than 90 years old is surely one of those companies that have kept in mind to change with the changing fashion and this has helped the company to be one of the pioneers that it is now in the trade. The company has many accolades to show all that it has done to serve the society.

5 |Grasim Industries
Corporate Office – Mumbai, India | Turnover – Unknown |
Employees – 6500+ | Business – Textile, Cement and manufacturing |
Sector – Public Sector | Website www.grasim.com
Grasim is one of the most premium banners under the flagship of Aditys Birla Group of industries, which is supposed to be one of the most recognized companies. The company stated right after the independence of the nation and now it ranks among the nation’s top private textile companies. The company has also lately got itself involved in other businesses as well such as Cement manufacturing, Yarn and manufacturing sector.

6 | Reliance Textiles
Corporate Office – Ahmedabad, Gujrat | Turnover – Unknown |
Employees – 5000+ | Business – Textiles |
Sector – Public Sector | Websitewww.ril.com
Reliance group, now this is that group about which one hardly needs any introduction. Almost everything that you can think of among the business sector of the nation, this company has a huge role to play in it. Then let that be coal and refining or textile the company excels in all and here also the company is among the top 10 textile manufacturers in India.

7 | Fabindia
Corporate Office – New Delhi | Turnover – 68 Million Dollar |
Employees – 40000+ | Business – Textiles , Home Furnishings, Garment Accessories |
Sector – Private Sector | Career Website www.fabindia.com
The nation is moving ahead at a fast rate and this change is surely one of the most needed change. Fabindia, as the name suggests, have been fabulous in their try. They have been able to help you with the textiles that you would need to from the nook and corner of the nation and that too without you moving a step from your home. This online textile company has really made a huge impact on the customers and the weavers alike.

8 | JCT Limited
Corporate Office – Hoshiarpur, Punjab | Turnover – 70 Million Dollar|
Employees – 4500+ | Business – Textiles and Filament Yarn |
Sector – Public Sector | Website www.jct.co.in
A flagship company of the Thapar group, the JCT industries have been able to help the customers quiet well. The great quality of the products and the customer satisfaction that the company provides, make the company one of the most sorted out companies in the textile industries.

9 | Lakshmi Mills
Corporate Office – Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu | Turnover – 27 Million Dollar |
Employees – 1000+ | Business – Textile |
Sector – Public Sector | Website www.lakshmimills.com
Lakshmi mills, establshed by one of the most respected person in the textile industry, late G. Kuppuswamy Naidu., the company has carried off well since its inception in the year 1910. The company has two units, which manufacture the most authentic and quality cotton yarns and blended yarns and others.

10 |Mysore Silk Factory
Corporate Office – Banglore, Karnataka | Turnover – 17 Million Dollar |
Employees – — | Business – Silk Textile |
Sector – Government Sector | Website www.ksicsilk.com
From the rich heritage city of Mysore, this company looks to provide you with the feel of Mysore, no matter in which ever part of the nation you are. The company is present online to cater its services to people of the nation without any problem and the customers can also simply log in and order without any hassle. Thus this company is also among the best textile companies in India.

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