Here is a list of top Tractor companies in India; these are the well known national and international tractor brands in India manufacturers various farm equipment like the tractor, harvester and agriculture equipment. Ranking process of best tractor companies in India are being frequently updated by our expert team.

1 Mahindra & Mahindra
Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1964 |
Business – Tractor & Farm equipment ||
Tractors are those vehicles that are the most important ones for the farmers of the nation at large and you would be able to get all help for the farmers if he has a tractor to help himself with. Mahindra knows just that and probably that is the only reason that they have been among the top most Tractor companies to help one with the tractors in the nation and is among the top 10 tractor manufacturing companies in the world.
Interesting Fact – Mahindra is world’s no. 1 Tractor manufacturing company by volume.

2 | Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited
Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 1960 |
Business – Farm equipment & Tractor | |
Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, popularly known as TAFE is the company that you can rely on without giving further thoughts if you are about to get yourself the tractor that you need. All that you need is to get your tractor from this company and you are most likely to be ahead of most others in the business.
Interesting Fact – Tafe motors and tractor limited is giant automobile group which acquired Eicher Tractor in the year 2005. Its popular tractor brands are Massey, Ferguson and Tafe

3 | Escorts Agri Machinery
Corporate office – Faridabad, Haryana | Establishment – 1960 |
Business – Farm machinery & Construction Equipment | |
When everything in the world seems to be reaching out to the farthest rate possible, there is just no reason that one would not let the most important aspect of a nation, farming get along with the machines to help them produce the most that they can. Escorts Agri Machinery knows that well enough and thus you would bank on the company for your tractors! It is also rated 3 best tractor brands in India.
Interesting Fact – Escorts operates in more than 40 countries worldwide and its tractor brands are Powertec, Farmtrac, Steeltrac etc.

4 | Sonalika -International Tractors Limited
Corporate Office – Hoshiarpur , Punjab| Establishment – 1969 |
Business – Farm machinery & Tractor | |
Sonalika International tractors have been well able to help all with all that they would have ever expected from the tractors that they would have purchased. This makes the company rich with all that they want. There are enough that you would think of and this company would always make it a point to fulfil all that you have thought of.
Interesting Fact – One of the oldest tractor manufacturing company in India and group has extended its automobile business in the year 2004 set up a car manufacturing.

5 | John Deere India Private Limited
Corporate office – Grand Detour, USA | Establishment – 1837 |
Business – Equipment ||
John Deere, the company is here not to provide you with tractors, but to help you out with the most vital and important aspect of farming, that is to take it to another level where you can enjoy and at the same time multiply your income at the best rate possible. the company has always been among the toppers in this field and they will simply be among the top 10 tractor manufacturers in India.
Interesting Fact – Well known name in agriculture industry worldwide, John deere tractor is a brand name of Deere & Company. It is ranked around 300th in the global fortune 500.

6 | New Holland
Corporate Office – Turin, Italy | Establishment – 2008 |
Business – Agriculture machinery | |
The company with the name has been the one that has been a dream of any farmer not because it simply provides you with the best, but also because along with providing you with the best, the company also provides you with the basic supports and a great customer care support that you would ever need. This makes the company way better than many other in the business.
Interesting Fact – The company has sold more than 2.5 lacs tractor units since its inception in the year 1996 in India

7 | HMT Limited
Corporate Office – Bangalore, Karnataka | Establishment – 1971 |
Business – Machinery Tools | |
With the corporate office set up in Bangalore, the company is well settled to take over all the companies that you can think of. The company is the one that you would love to get associated with since it accepts so many of the ways to help the customers at large. There would simply be many of the areas that you would love about this company.
Interesting Fact – It is a state owned government undertaking company which is also known for watch manufacturing business.
Top Tractor companies in India

8 | Balwant tractors Force motors Ltd
Corporate office – Pune, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1957 |
Business – Automobile | |
Force motors, when a company looks ahead to set its foot in any business, it first makes a market analysis, and when any of the company would make a market analysis for the tractor industries in the nation, then Force motors are surely one of the companies that will come up. The company is well known for the trust and satisfaction that it has among the customers.
Interesting Fact – Previously it was known as Bajaj Tempo and in 2005 it changed the name to force motors.

9 | PreetTractors
Corporate Office – Nabha, Punjab | Establishment – 1980 |
Business – Farm Product manufacturing | Website |
Preet is that all that you want or is there something more you want to know. Well, this company is one that needs no description, no new comments, this is one of those companies that have always been famous for all that it provides to the tractors that they produce and has surely reasons strong enough to be among the leaders in the trade.
Interesting Fact – Preet Agro is an ideal choice in 30 to 90 HP range.

10 | Standard Tractors
Corporate Office – New Delhi, India | Establishment – 1975 |
Business – Harvester and Tractor | Website |
Standard, an ISO 9001:2008 company that has been well able to satisfy all the needs of the customers that it needs to have and this makes the company the one that one would ever want. There are way too many options for the company by which it can help the people of the nation at large. and these features together help it to become one of the top 10 tractor manufacturing company in India.
Interesting Fact – A harvester and tractor manufacturing company based in New Delhi and its manufacturing facility is located in Barnala, Punjab.

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