Here is a list of top Analytics companies in India; these companies offers business analytics solution and effective management of large amount of data. Ranking process of these analytics companies in India is frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | Wipro Analytics
Corporate office – Bangalore, Karnataka | Establishment – 1945 |
Business – IT services and Outsourcing | |
Wipro analytics a recognized data analytics company in Bangalore uses its experience and expertise to provide analytics services to its customers in various sectors like Financial Services, Manufacturing & High Tech, Retail, Transportation, Media & Telecom and Healthcare & Life Sciences. Analytics Services offered by Wipro includes Business Analytics, Information Management and Business Intelligence and Performance Management services.

2 | Accenture Analytics
Corporate office – Dublin, Ireland | Establishment – 1989 |
Business – IT services, consulting and outsourcing | |
Accenture analytics unlike other analytics companies in India offers industry specific analytics solutions to its customers to effectively manage information and lower business risk .Accenture provides analytics solutions in the area of Industry analytics, Cross functional solutions comprising of Enterprise analytics, Functional analytics consisting of Sales and marketing, Finance etc and Information management.

3 | TCS Analytics
Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1968 |
Business – IT Services and Consulting | |
TCS Analytics mainly focuses on Marketing analytics, Spend analytics, Supply chain analytics, Risk analytics, Financial insights and Customer insights to help customers grow their business which has placed TCS analytics in the list of top analytics companies in India.

4 | HCL Analytics
Corporate office – Noida , Uttar Pradesh | Establishment – 1976 |
Business – IT Services, Consulting and Outsourcing | |
Analytics services provided by an experienced HCL team helps its customers to analyze their business data and take smart and quick business decisions. Their analytics services includes Customer, Marketing analytics, Fraud analytics, Operations research and Big data analytics.

5| Mckinnsey Knowledge Center
Corporate office – Gurgaon, Haryana | Establishment – 1998 |
Business –| |
Established in year 1998 at Guragaon as a knowledge hub has now become one of the leading analytics company in India. McKinnsey has a team of professionals specialized in analytics and research focusing mainly on Data analytics, Energy modeling, Operations analytics, Marketing analytics and Risk analytics.

6 | IBM Analytics
Corporate office – New York, US | Establishment – 1911 |
Business – IT Services, Consulting and Hardware | |
IBM Analytics, among the leading analytics companies in India headquartered in New York offers analytics services to organizations allowing them to take optimal decisions to become market leader and lower business risk.

7 | Mu Sigma Analytics
Corporate office – Chicago, US | Establishment – 2004 |
Business – Decision Sciences and Analytics | |
An ISO 27001 certified company Mu Sigma Inc serves enterprises in the pharmaceutical, financial services, banking, technology, healthcare, software, retail and many more sectors. Analytics services offered by this business analytics companies in India comprises of marketing analytics, demand analytics , transportation analytics, network planning and optimization, sourcing analytics and risk analytics.

8 | Cognizant Analytics
Corporate office – New Jersey, US | Establishment – 1994 |
Business – IT Services & Consulting | |
Company has more than 500 renowned clients worldwide utilizing various analytics tools offered by Cognizant Analytics such as Analytical processing, Digital analytics, Data visualization and deployment, Data Mining and others to improve performance and deliver results.

9 | Latent View
Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 2006 |
Business – Analytics | |
LatentView is an analytics company founded in 2006 and having offices in New Jersey and San Jose in United States, Chennai and Mumbai in India and Singapore. Among the top business analytics companies in India LatentView helps clients’ in the consumer goods, financial services and retail sector improve business performance by providing analytics solutions.

10| AbsolutData
Corporate office – California, USA | Establishment – |
Business – Research & Analysis | |
AbsolutData an Analytics & Research company based in California offers analytics services which includes Predictive Analytics, Conjoint Analytics, Market Research, Marketing Mix Modeling, CRM Analytics, Customer Segmentation, Big Data and Data Visualization in various sectors like retail, technology, financial services, automobiles, media/entertainment, healthcare and consulting.

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