Top IT companies in Pune 2023

Here is a list of top 10 IT companies in Pune; these are the best companies in Software and Information technology sector based at Pune, India. And ranking process of the best Information technology companies is frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | Tata Consultancy Services
Office – First Floor, Godrej Millenium 9, Pune | Turnover – 11.66 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 275000+ | Business – IT,Business Consulting and Outsourcing |
Sector – Private Sector | Career
When it comes to IT companies, it is one of the surest wonder if the name of TCS or Tata Consultant Services, doesn’t come up, highly reputed as one of the best companies in the field of IT companies, the company is also among the top IT companies in Pune. The company has throughout been a leader in the trade.

2 | Wipro Limited
Office – Fergusson College Rd, Pune | Turnover – 6.88 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 140000+ | Business – IT, Business Consulting and Outsourcing |
Sector – Private Sector | Career
When a company posts a turn over of 7.6 billion dollar for a single year, then honestly there is just no way one can ask about the authenticity of the company or the reputation and the importance that it holds among the people of any nation or the entire surface at large. Wipro is one of the most essential multi national company located in and around Pune.

3 | Infosys Limited
Office – Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Hinjawadi, Pune | Turnover – 7.4 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 155000+ | Business – IT, Business Consulting and Outsourcing |
Sector – Private Sector | Career
With their clients settled in more than 50 countries across the world, the company surely must have the powers to convince and woo its customers with the best support and satisfaction that one can possibly think of. There are quiet too many offices located of this famous company in most of the urban and developed cities in India.

4 |Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp.
Office –The Quadron Hinjewadi, Pune | Turnover – 7.35 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 16200+ | Business – IT, business consulting and outsourcing |
Sector – Private Sector | Career
One of the finest technology company in world market has also setup a office in this city. The pioneer IT group is engaged in Information technology, Consulting and outsourcing business. it has over 16K employees working all across the globe.

5 | Veritas
Office – Khadki, Pune| Turnover – 2 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 7000+ | Business – IT, Business Consulting and Outsourcing |
Sector – Private Sector | Career
Symantec Enterprise is the company that is set up around Pune and is also one of the top Reputed IT Companies in Pune, or the best information technology venture in the area. The company has come up with various ways and policies that would simply and surely help the clients at large and that is the reason it has been able to gain such importance from the clients at large.

6 | Tech Mahindra Limited
Office – Sharada Center, Pune | Turnover – 1.15 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 50000+ | Business – IT, Business Consulting and Outsourcing |
Sector – Private Sector | Career
Tech Mahindra, an extension of the Mahindra group is here to help you with all your IT related problems. All the you would ever need is to just help yourself with the best and the most popular company and be free from all the IT related problems. The company is by far rated as the one that would simply make the IT industries a better place and are a revolution to the field.

7 | Capgemini
Office – Sangamvadi, Pune | Turnover – 10.2 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 125000+ | Business – IT and Business Consulting |
Sector – Private Sector | Career
Capgemini with its group of dedicated officials and the perfect combination of youth and experience seems to be all well equipped to help you out of any problem in the fields of ID department if you are facing any. The company is one of the leaders in the trade and has excelled in practically every field that the company has to offer to the clients.

8 |Xansa
Office – Talawade, Pune |  Turnover – 500 Million Dollar |
Employees – 8600+ | Business – IT and Outsourcing |
Sector – Private Sector | Career
Sopra Steria is a group of companies that is a job provider for 37000 peoples across all the nations that it is effective in. The company is the one stop solution to their clients need in the IT Department. The company comes handy in perfectly all of the fields stated. Thus the company not only is trustworthy, but is also efficient in every possible problem aroused in a client company or firm.

9 | Larsen & Toubro Infotech
Shivaji Nagar Pune | Turnover – Unknown |
Employees –
15000+ | Business – IT Services and IT Consulting |
Private Sector | Career
L&T Infotech, owned by the well known Larsen and Tubro. The company is also one of the many companies that are located around Pune, but it is as you would say the one that has one of the highest amount of popularity among all the companies and firms available.

10 | Suma Soft Pvt Ltd
Office – Erandawane, Pune | Turnover – 650 Million Dollar |
Employees – 500+ | Business – IT, Business Consulting and Outsourcing |
Sector – Private Sector | Career
Suma Soft, this is another of the top IT firms based in Pune. The firm is also rated as among the top 10 IT Companies in Pune. The company with its prominent and dedicated set of employees is just too well settled to be among the top 10 IT Companies in Pune. There are also ways in which the company helps the clients, along with the 24*7 facility, there are also quite many other facilities that they have over other companies in the same field.

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