Top IT Companies in Nagpur 2021

Information Technology is enhancing its root towards the development. It ensures the upliftment of firm, society and many other aspects. It is one of the preferable sectors among youngs so here is a list of top 10 IT companies in Nagpur; these are the best companies in Software and Information technology sector based in Nagpur, India. List of Software companies in Nagpur city is frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | Persistent Systems Limited
Office – 2nd & 3rd Floor, Infotech Tower, IT Park, MIDC Parsodi, Nagpur – 440 022 |
Turnover – 140 Million Dollar | Established – 1990 |
Employees – 6800+ | Business – IT Services |
Sector – Private Sector
Persistent, a company which has been leading the IT companies trade and value in India for years, have been mentioned in the 13th July 2015 edition of the Wall Street Journal. This IT firm has also been named one of the top most IT Companies in and around Nagpur. The company although has a small set of officials, they are highly efficient, which helps the company excel among all.

2 | GlobalLogic
Office – Harihar Nagar, Besa, Nagpur |
Turnover – 6.88 Billion Dollar | Established – 2000 |
Employees – 6000+ | Business – IT Services & Outsourcing |
Sector – Private Sector |
Global Logic is one of the frontiers in the IT companies in Nagpur and you would simply love to be the one who would just not be the one servicing quality service but they have also excelled in several ways, which include the likes of fulfillment of project in the given time period and then also the economic ways in which they provide the customers with the best possible output at the least expense.

3 | Infospectrum
Office – No 20, IT Park, MIDC Parsodi, Pratap Nagar, Nagpur |
Turnover – 123 Million Dollar | Established – 1996 |
Employees – 500+ | Business – IT Outsourcing |
Sector – Private Sector
Infospectrum is the company that would simply not be the best for your business but wold also definitely help you immensely with the planning and execution of the projects that are offered to them. The company would have not ever been this successful had it gave up on its customer satisfaction issues. The company is the best in each and every particular field that you can think of.

4 |Infocepts
Office –11/1 I.T. Park, Parsodi, Nagpur – 440022 |
Turnover – 75 Million Dollar | Established – 2004 |
Employees – 300+ | Business – Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing |
Sector – Private Sector
One among the best 5 IT companies in Nagpur, Infocepts is a leader in the designing and building efficient business for anyone and everyone. The company is one of a kind in the trade and you would simply love to have this as the company to work for you as they would never disappoint you, when it come to the innovative idea and all new flow of thoughts.

5 | Easypack
Office – 11/2, Infotech Park, Parsodi, Nagpur – 440 022|
Turnover – unknown | Established – 1986 |
Employees – 600+ | Business – IT Services & Outsourcing |
Sector – Private Sector
When a company has been into the business for almost 30 years, you simply know that the company must have had something of its own with whose help, it has been in a position to deliver quite more than that of the others working in the same field. The company which has a motto of “Under Commit and Over Deliver” is surely one that would satisfy you no matter what is the situation.

6 | Zeon
Office – STPI, 3, IT Park, Near VRCE Tel.Exh, Nagpur-440022 |
Turnover – unknown | Established – 2003 |
Employees – 250+ | Business – IT & Outsourcing |
Sector – Private Sector
Perficient is one of the leading IT  firms of its kind in the nation and you would also get all the help that you can ever think of from the beginning of the millennium, the company has been well able to excel in perfectly every field that one would ever keep into account and they are thus here to provide you with the outstanding experience that you can ever think of. Thus, this is surely one of the companies that would surely blow you off your mind.

7 | M*Modal (formerly CBaySystems (India) Pvt. Ltd.)
Office – Module 005 & 006, Infotech Tower, IT Park, Near V.R.C.E. Telephone Ex., Parsodi, Nagpur – 440 022 |
Turnover – 18 Billion Dollar | Established – 1998 |
Employees – 5000+ | Business – Clinical Documentation & Outsourcing |
Sector – Private Sector
M*Modal formerly and widely known as the CBaySystems (India) Pvt. Ltd, the company is well settled among the toppers in the trade when it comes to the IT solutions for the people in and across the region. The company has always been in its peak and has always served the clients quality. Thus, this company is one of the top IT companies in Nagpur.

8 | Ascent
Office – Plot No. 22, IT Park, Parsodi, Near VNIT College, Nagpur-440 022 |
Turnover – unknown |
Employees – 500+ | Business – Medical Transcription & Outsourcing |
Sector – Private Sector
Ascent business solution is another leader in software companies in Nagpur providing you with quick solutions in the fields like Customized software, Accounts Receivable Management, Demographics entry, medical coding, charge entry and payment posting services and also many other aspects. One will get the best solutions if there is a help needed in the given topics from this portal and the company at large.

9 | RF Arrays
Office – 106, Infotech Tower, STPI, Parsodi, South Ambazari Road, Nagpur – 440 022 |
Turnover – Unknown | Established – 2004 |
Employees – 50+ | Business – IT Outsourcing |
Sector – Private Sector
RFArrays highly excel in the field to provide cost effective customers services in the country of India and China. The company takes a great step to control the prices so that everyone would be able to get hold of the products that they have on to offer without much a problem and you would then simply have to get in touch with the company to get your work done with 100% satisfaction at the least possible expense.

10 | Zeta Softech
Office – Block No 105, It Park Opposite Vnit, Parsodi, Parsodi, Nagpur – 440 022 |
Turnover – unknown | Established – 2000 |
Employees – 100+ | Business – IT Outsourcing |
Sector – Private Sector
Zeta Softtech has been in the business for quiet a less time, compared to the other counter-parts and you would honestly wonder the way the company has out grown all others in the trade in these few years and you would honesty have to check on your stats to see if they are lying. Thus, the company due to its great growth is surely one of the most effective company in the nation and is among the top 10 companies in Nagpur.

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