Top 10 Power Bank Brands in India 2021

Smartphones are the necessary gadget for all the people and are the constant companion as well so if the battery of your smartphone is running out then do keep a power bank with you all the time. There are so many power banks brands available in the market for all the people so you can buy the one which you feel like. Power Banks are the pocket-friendly device and all the users must buy power banks with a battery capacity of minimum 10000 mAh. Thus, for all here is the list of top Power banks in India.

1 | Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

The best power bank brand in India, and it is from the mega company Xiaomi. The Xiaomi 10400 mAh Power Bank is better in all respects as it has a water and corrosion resistant property. It has world class circuit chip having nine layers of protection which enhance its efficiency. One can purchase this power bank as it is easy to carry and Xiaomi is the best and top most brand so you can connect any brand smartphone or tablet to it.

2 | Asus ZenPower

This is another lightweight portable size power bank with 10050 mAh capacity. It safeguards against short circuits and also protects from over charge. Asus ZenPower offers high-speed and high-efficiency charging with up to 2.4 A output which can quickly put life back into all your devices.

3 | OnePlus Power Bank

OnePlus Power Bank also has so many features like the 10000mAh high capacity battery with two USB ports so you can charge two devices simultaneously. It is available in two variants that silk white and sandstone black. It has also battery indicator LED light which prevents overcharging and overheating. It has sleek lines, gentle curves and has so many amazing features so it is an ideal companion for your devices.

4 | Huawei Honor AP007

Next in the list of best power banks in India is Huawei Honor AP007 Power bank so if you are searching a portable charger for your devices then this is the best choice for you. The Honor AP007 portable charger comes with 13000 mAh battery capacity so you can charge 3 devices after fully charging the power bank.

5 | PNY BE-740

If you wanna buy the trendy and portable charger that fits comfortably in your palm and can get connected to the devices easily then go for PNY BE-740 as it has the 10400mAh capacity. It has the classic white color which can complement well with all the smartphones available in the market. It has so many unique features like auto power off function that automatically turns off when not in use, so you can save power consumption and enjoy longer battery life.

6 | Adcom Power bank

This is an excellent portable power bank having 20000 mAh capacity which is enough for charging your phone fully for longer battery use, you can quickly use this device anytime to get your phone charge in the short period of time. in the list of top 10 power bank brands in India, this is the high efficiency and battery capacity power bank

7 | Intex IT-PB10K Power bank

This is 10000mAh power bank that has a power button along with the four battery indicator LEDs and also with two USB output, it is easy and comfortable to use and a required product for especially those use their phone in access. Users can buy this power bank also as it is available at low cost and has huge battery capacity.

8 | Ambrane P1040

Ambrane P1040 comes with a digital display and it is 10400mAh power bank which is exact charger for your phone for fast charging also you can charge it from the downside as it has this feature also, to charge your phone fully. You can go anywhere with this portable device without about your phone battery.

9 | Lenovo PA 10400

Lenovo PA 10400 has the larger capacity of battery with the quacking charging benefits also it has dual ports output & auto sensing. This portable charger is highly designed and recycles up to 500 times which makes it better. You can charge your phone or tablet also and at the same time.

10 | TPLINK Power Bank

Power bank very essential product today that we all in our daily life for regular use as it will help you a lot to use your smartphone for longer even when you are travelling. This TPLINK Power bank has the capacity of 10400 mAh which is portable and easy to carry anywhere.

If you would like to add a brand that you consider most appropriate in this ranking list of top power banks brands in India, Please suggest it here