Biotechnology companies formed a backbone to the production of an economy of a nation. It is basically a firm which deals in use biotechnology methods for their production. Here is a list of top 10 biotech companies in India; these are the best companies in biotech and pharmaceutical sector. List of top ranked biotechnology companies in India is frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | Serum Institute of India
Corporate Office – Pune India | Chairman – Cyrus S. Poonawalla |
Establishment – 1966 | Business – Biotechnology |
Sector – Private |
Serum Institute of India Limited is one of the most well-known institutes when it comes to the Biotechnology companies in India. The company has a record of producing best medicines for quiet too many diseases at large. The company has come up with the Purified Vero Cell Rabies Vaccine, as well as DTaP Vaccine and many others.

2 | Panacea Biotech Ltd.
Corporate Office – New Delhi, India | Chairman – Soshil Kumar |
Establishment – 1976 | Business – Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology |
Sector – Private |
Panacea Biotech, riding on the abled shoulders of the best officials and personals in the field have led to the path of success quiet well. The success of the company can be traced from the fact that the company was felicitated as being having the BioSpectrum Product of the year in the year 2011 for the product of the year by the company, PacliALL.

3 | Biocon Ltd.
Corporate Office – Bangalore, India | Chairman – Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw |
Establishment – 1978 | Business – Biotechnology |
Sector – Private |
Biocon, the company seems to be just too well equipped with the research and the development areas and them can also come up with the best medicines in many such fields as, the company simply has too many dedicated scientists, workers and other staffs who are continuously in the search of a new way to treat the ailment. The company has gained respect and trust from all the people across the nation.

4 | Novo Nordisk
Corporate Office – Denmark | Chairman – Sten Scheibye |
Establishment – 1923 | Business – Pharmaceutical |
Sector – Private |
The Denmark-based company Novo Nordisk India is not only taking away the whole concentration of the clients from other top companies, but it also has more than that to offer. The company has been in one of the leading positions on being the most beloved company in providing the nations with quality medications in any of the possible fields.

5 | SIRO Clinpharm
Corporate Office – Thane, India | Chairman – Dr. Gautam Daftary |
Establishment – 1996 | Business – Biotechnology / Drug Development |
Sector – Private |
The company looks forward not only to becoming one of the top manufacturers of the nation, but also looks forward to the new discoveries and this seems to be the only reason why one would love to have this company as their best choice when it comes to choosing the Biotechnology companies in India and also among the top 10 Biotech companies of the same kind in India.

6 | Novozymes South Asia
Corporate Office – Bagsvaerd Denmark | Chairman – Københavns Lufthavne |
Establishment – 1925 | Business – Biotechnology |
Sector – Private |
Novozymes has been divine in this trade. The company along with the best officials and talented group of individuals well shaped with experienced employees, make the perfect example of how one should get the most fundamentals of all the medicines in the easiest possible way. The company looks at the satisfaction of the customers and it seems that the company is itself satisfied by satisfying the clients. it is also ranked among the top 10 Biotechnology companies in India

7 | Shantha Biotech
Corporate Office – Hyderabad, India | Chairman – K I Varaprasad Reddy |
Establishment – 1993 | Business – Biotechnology |
Sector – Private |
One of the pioneers in the area of bio technologies, Shanta is one of the most reputed brand among all the others and all those who are in this field. The company has quiet a large number of clients and each of them seems to be quiet happy with the customer satisfying environment of the company. There are many ways in which the company excels than many others in the trade.

8 | Indian Immunologicals
Corporate Office – Hyderabad, India | Chairman – Dr. Amrita Patel |
Establishment – 1982 | Business – Biotechnology |
Sector – Private |
Indian Immunological limited, set up by The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) is one of the most sorted out company in this particular field in most of the parts of the nation and where one knows about the basic idea of the company and its work and the best service that this company provides to the customers is honestly something worth praising for the company.

9 | GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Corporate Office – London, United Kingdom | Chairman – Chris Gent |
Establishment – 2000 | Business – Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology |
Sector – Private |
Established well in the year 1942, the company has always been an asset to the country at large. The company has been quietly effective in being one of the most sorted out biotechnological companies of all time. There are also areas where this company excels than any other. The company is the one that you would ever look up to and think about the success of the company.

10 | Wockhardt Ltd.
Corporate Office – Mumbai, India | Chairman – Habil Khorakiwala |
Establishment – 1960 | Business – Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology |
Sector – Private |

The company having 76% sales revenue collected from the USA and Eu have now set up its eyes on the Indian market and they have launched in quiet well. The company is sure to be one of the top 10 countries in biotechnology in India. The company seems to have quite a bright future ahead in India as well and it is inevitable that it will be a severe competition to the other biotechnology firms in India.

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