Top 10 Indian Jewellery Brands

Indians had a long history with jewellery that people will in general wear at each event paying little mind to their social and financial status, here is a summary of the Top 10 Indian Jewelry brands. The situating course of these best Indian jewellery producers in India is periodically being revived by our expert group.

1 | Tanishq
Corporate Office – Bangalore, Karnataka | Establishment – 1994
Business – Jewellery Manufacturer | Website –
Tanishq of Tata Company is the most famous Indian jewellery brand of India and back by Tata Group and TIDCO. It is an ISO guaranteed organization that guarantees the worth of the brand. It doesn’t think twice about the quality and gives genuine precious diamond jewellery. It has 250+ jewellery display areas inside India and Abroad. Tanishq is the best adornments store for purchasing gold and precious stone gems.

2 | Kalyan Jewellers Corporate Office – Thrissur, Kerala | Establishment – 1993
 – Jewellery Manufacturer | Website – Kalyan Jewelers has 144 display areas spread across India and GCC. Kalyan offers a variety of customary and contemporary adornments plans in gold, jewels, valuable stones, and other valuable metals. They have presented Muhurat range for wedding assortment in unadulterated gold, jewel and carefully assembled adornments, Anokhi for whole jewels, and Candere for valuable precious stones.

3 | PC Jewellers
Corporate Office – New Delhi, India | Establishment – 2005
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PC Jewelers is a brand that is offering gold and precious stone Jewelry. It has won different honors, for example, the Best Showroom grant for Diamond Season by the B2C specialists, and brand designers in the year 2006. The organization stands tall in the Jewelry market with 84 stores in 70 urban communities and 19 states.

Corporate Office –  Kerala, India | Establishment – 1993
Business – Jewellery Manufacturer | Website –
Malabar Gold & Diamonds has more than 210 display areas across 9 nations. They have the most complete wedding popular jewellery assortment predominantly for South Indian ladies, yet additionally ladies from across all locales of India. Prominent assortments are Era for whole precious stone adornments and Fior-flower themed, rich and petite gems.

5 | AMRAPALI JEWELS Corporate Office – Jaipur, India | Establishment – 1978
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Amrapali Jewels mix conventional Indian craftsmanship with legacy themes by putting a contemporary twist on it, delivering stunning gemstone works of art on silver and gold. What’s more, their assortment that is named “Clan” makes adornments dependent on the various clans in the country.

6 | SENCO GOLD & DIAMONDS Corporate Office – Chitpur, Kolkata | Establishment – 1938
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Senco Gold and Diamonds brand has a wide market spread the whole way across India with 91 stores. Their Everlite assortment is an ideal blend of gold and precious stone adornments. The extraordinary assortment of brilliantly planned Bangles and Earrings has consistently stayed at the inclination of clients.

7 | ORRA
Corporate Office –  Mumbai, India | Establishment – 1888
Business – Jewellery Manufacturer | Website – Orra’s plans are profoundly imaginative as far as system and math and the brand is well known for carrying global adornments patterns to India with their very own touch. Their gems are a mix of underlying uniqueness that has thusly brought about the making of the most classy and rich sets.

Corporate Office – Mumbai, India | Establishment – 1864
Business – Jewellery Manufacturer | Website – TBZ is renowned for its radiant Kundan gems, sublime marriage assortments, creative celebration gems, contemporary Italian adornments assortment called Ria, and the regal gems assortment called Azva. With regards to the sheer wealth of specialty and creativity, TBZ is at the cutting edge of value and advancement.

Corporate Office – Chennai, India | Establishment – 2007
Business – Jewellery Manufacturer | website –
CaratLane is a gems organization that sells for the most part on the web, yet additionally has countless disconnected stores. Their colossal assortment of sharp plans, great quality gold at reasonable costs and the idea of moderate gems have made the brand generally famous among the adolescent. They offer Diamond gems, Rose Gold and White Gold gems, Silver, Gold, and Platinum gems, Daily wear adornments, and so forth.

10 | PC Chandra Jewellers
Corporate Office – Kolkata, India | Establishment – 1939
Business – Jewellery Manufacturer | Website – PC Chandra Jewelers brand is known for item quality, craftsmanship, and display areas situated across the significant urban communities of India. PC Chandra has gained an incredible name that offers a wide scope of customary precious stone adornments. The brand isn’t just well known for precious stone adornments however will get a wide range of valuable stones and pearls identified with soothsaying. The brand has a huge assortment of gold, platinum, precious stone gems.