Top 10 cable companies in India 2021

Here is a list of top 10 cable manufacturing companies in India; these are the best companies in cable production. List of companies are frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd.
Establishment – 1968 | Business – Cable wires |
Sector – Private |;
When a company has a growth rate of 12% there is surely something in the company to look out for and this something is just what is attracting the customers to the company. The company produces cables of low voltage to high voltage and medium voltage power cables, which would exceed to as much as up to 220V. The cable productions include the likes of LAN cables, submersible wires, single core & multi core flexible wires and many others.

2 | Sterlite Technologies Ltd.
Establishment – 2006| Business –Cable wires |
Sector – Private |
The company has offices in as many as 10 nations across the globe and this includes China, Russia, South Africa and others. However it must not be confused with the market presence as, the company has a market presence in over 75 nations in the world. The company has put on their best in display, and has thus become of the top 10 cable companies in India.

3 |Finolex Cables Ltd.
Establishment – 1958| Business – Cable wires |
Sector – Private |
With as many as 28 branches scattered all across the nation and its head quarters in Pune, Maharashtra, and this company has in the recent years is the one that has captured the market of cables in the nation. The company has a huge network of over 30,000 retail outlets and over 3,500 distributors. The company with the widespread range of the network has been able to become one of the top cable companies in India very soon.

4 |KEI Industries Ltd..
Establishment – 1968 | Business – Cable wires |
Sector – Private |
The company looks forward to strengthen the EPC division. KEI boasts to be the only Indian company that has DNV Class approval for marine cables. The company is also taking onto various steps to cut on the energy consumption by the cables that they produce. The company has always looked up to make a greener nation and they do so with their energy saving policies. KEI was awarded the prestigious ‘Consumer Super brand Status award in the business to consumer category in 2011-12.

5 |Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd.
Establishment – 1970| Business – Cable wires |
Sector – Government | Website
In the production year 2011-2012, the company had produced as much as 32,396 all aluminum alloy conductors and the ACR conductors. This is just the reason why the company is listed as a leader in the industry. The company has always known the correct ways to support and help the customers and also to help them with the most efficient products possible. The company has also taken all the steps to help it produce better cables in the years to come.

6 |Havells India Ltd.
Establishment – 1958| Business – Cable wires |
Sector – Private |
A company which employs a total of 7000 employees and significantly takes care of the employees obviously would gift the consumers with the best bet as the happy employees of the company provides just the quality services to the customers. Havells have always looked on for a better future and this can be seen from its activity in the latest years, where it has doubled its manufacturing capacity in just a span of a year in 2011.

7 | Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd.
Establishment – 1995 | Business – Cable wires |
Sector – Private |
The Bhubaneshwar power plant produces high voltage power plant with as much a high voltage as 66kV. The company has a wide range of products, which include the wide range of product, as wide as from railway signals to the household wiring. The company also produces special alloy conductors and ACSS conductors. The company is also planning to extend its production units in the recent years.

8 | Apar Industries Ltd. (Unit: Uniflex Cables)
Establishment – 1958 | Business – Cable wires |
Sector – Private |
The company has its manufacturing unit in Gujarat and has always been able to ship its market well for the customers to avail it from any corner of the nation. The company has its productions for all, then let it be fluoropolymer cables, submersible flat cables, welding cables or be it wind mill cable, anti power – theft cables, solar cables, the company has it all. The company is just the final destination for all the cable needs of the nation.

9 | Paramount Communications Ltd.
Establishment – 1984| Business – Pressure gauge, sensors and instruments |
Sector – Private |
The company serves mostly the nation with as much as 90% of the total production being used within the nation while the remaining 10% is for the export purpose. The company having a turnout of over 500 crores per year, plans to increase the rate and get to a higher standard and thus there is a growth in the production process. However, the growth in the production, does not simply exemplify that the company has cut down on the quality in some way or the other.

10 | LS Cable India Pvt. Ltd.
Establishment – 1962| Business – Cable wires |
Sector – Private |
As the tagline goes, “Your No. 1 creative partner”, the company has been one of the most creative ones in the department and that is surely one of the strict reasons why this company has been among the top 10 cable companies in India. The company has provided the users with Fire-proof cable, Special cables for mining industry, Reeling cable with fiber optics and many more which makes it well desireable for all the fields in the nation.

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