Top 10 Interior designers in Kolkata 2021

Here is a list of top 10 interior designers in Kolkata; these are the best-in-class Interior firms offering planning, execution and designing solution for Home, Office, Industry and Hotels. Ranking process of these best Interior decorators in Kolkata is frequently being updated by our expert team.

1| Axiom Interior
Corporate office – Kolkata | Establishment –Unknown |
Business – Interior Furniture | Website |
Highly acclaimed as one of the top 10 interior designing companies in Kolkata. The company has worked with many of the reputed companies from across the nation, ranging from the likes of Wipro, CESC, Tata Motors, Hindustan Unilever Limited, UCO bank, UBI bank and many other highly reputed and acclaimed companies. Axiom interior is reputed as one of the best in the nation itself..

2| Bengal Interiors
Corporate office – Kolkata | Establishment – Unknown |
Business – Design Consultancy | |
Bengal Interiors, as the name suggests is one of the interior designing companies in West Bengal and you would honestly love evry aspect that the company works in. The company has the team of most effective and the most reputed officials who make sure that not only do you get the work done perfectly, but also get it done in time.

3 | Kolkata Interiors
Corporate office – Kolkata | Establishment – 2012 |
Business – Interior designing & Architecture | Website |
Kolkata Interiors is very well focused in providing the customers with the most economic and the effective means of getting an internal designing or decoration. The company has so far been well successful in getting thta done and you can surely see the outcome of the labour that the company has put behind it, by the growth of the company in this small span of time.

4| Anjan Gupta Architects
Corporate office – Kolkata | Establishment – 1992 |
Business – Interior designing & Architecture | Website |
The interior designing company set up more than two decades ago has been the perfect blend of class along with latest fashion trends and that is probably one of the reasons, why some of the well known companies which include the likes of IIM Calcuta, Ambuja Reality Development Ltd, West Bengal Tourism Development and many such reputed companies of eastern India has chose it as the one to help them with their interior designing or decorations..

5 | Subha Akriti
Corporate office – Kolkata | Establishment –Unknown |
Business – Design Firm | Website |
Well known and one of the top interior designing agencies in Kolkata region, Subha Akriti can boast over the great collection of talented and experienced workers that it has and also the younger and less experienced workers, who seemed to be well concentrated in bringing the latest and the new factors into the market, which would just simply make the company excel in pretty much everything.

6 | Amber Creations
Corporate office – Kolkata | Establishment – 0000 |
Business – Interior Decorators | Website |
The experience and the quality that a firm close to 20 years can provide is really something that one would love for, for their home and the great interior designing at their offices or at any other such places. The company has its firm base in all the fields of interior designing. Other than just designing and the decoration of the industries, the company also looks after the architectural view of the building.

7 | Arturo Interiors
Corporate office – Kolkata | Establishment –Unknown |
Business – Interior Designing | Website |
The company has the rich experience of working with the companies like Gamma’s, Bespoke, Hops and Hotel Manish and all these clients have been pretty happy with the quality of service that they had received from the Arturo Interiors as a whole. The interior designing company has led over too many a great examples of its capable and well effective work.

8 | Cee-Bee Design Studio
Corporate office – Kolkata | Establishment –Unknown |
Business – Architect, Interior and Civil Engineering | Website |
The company has the legacy of satisfying the customers with the best service and the great detailed designs and decorations that the client wants. The company has also earned quite a ton of the experience that one talks about and this makes the company one of the richest , when it comes to experience with over 500 residential designers and more than 20 commercial projects.

9 Max Macore
Corporate office – Kolkata | Establishment – 2005 |
Business – Architect, Interior Designing and Civil | Website |
Max Macore, the interior designing company well setup in Kolkata since the year 2005 is one of those companies which believes in providing the customers with the most amazing and the loving experience with the interior designing of their beloved home. The company is just too well focused on the customer satisfaction and the quality of the material that they use. And this makes it one of the best interior designing companies in the city.

10 | Home Decor
Corporate office – Kolkata | Establishment –Unknown |
Business – Architect & Interior decorators | Website |
The designs and the decorations of the company are just one of the many reason why it features as one of the top 10 companies when it comes to interior designing and they have also worked with many well reputed companies and helped them get the best interior designing that you can possibly think of. The company has workers who are trained to excel in each of the disciplines of the company..

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