Top 10 Local Indian Footwear Brands

Need to discover footwear that is reasonable, agreeable and that feels great under our feet, here is an overview of the Top 10 local Indian footwear brands. The situating course of these best Indian local footwear creators in India is as a rule being invigorated by our expert group.

1 |  Paragon
Corporate Office – Kottayam, Kerala| Establishment – 1975
Business – Footwear Manufacturer | Website –
Paragon brand has an in-house footwear configuration group that makes new plans and models to rival the market. Paragon’s driving item is elastic footwear however they ensure quality and strength to a full scope of other footwear items also. Paragon has gotten outstanding amongst other footwear brands in the country with an in-house creation limit of 400,000 sets per day and it has a wide scope of Chappal, Flip failures, women Sandals, and Shoes for Men, Women, and Kids.

2 | Liberty Corporate Office – Karnal, Haryana| Establishment – 1954
 – Leather Footwear | Website – Liberty brand is among the main 5 producers of cowhide footwear on the planet. They have clients in over 25 nations, that incorporate a portion of the known worldwide style objections like France, Italy, and Germany. Freedom produces 50,000 sets of footwear daily. They have six assembling units, 6,000 multi-brand outlets, and 350 select display areas, with 50 display areas outside India.

3 | Relaxo
Corporate Office – Rohini Sector-3, Delhi| Establishment – 1984
Business – Footwear Manufacturer | Website –
Relaxo brand centers around easygoing styles and creates more than 6 lacs sets of footwear, consistently. Relaxo footwear’s reach has a fine blend of solace, style, and quality workmanship. A wide reach assortment of elegant, beautiful, agreeable, and strong footwear for men, ladies, and youngsters. Today, Relaxo is the decision of a youthful India with its sub-brands like Sparx, Bahamas, Flite, Schoolmate, and Relaxo Hawaii.

4 |  Lakhani
Corporate Office –  Faridabad 121005, Haryana | Establishment – 1966
Business – Footwear Manufacturer | Website –
The Lakhani brand is known in India for its great and perfect style. It produces principally men’s most famous footwear, including running shoes, rec center shoes, chappals, shoes, and casual clothing. They have been producing shoes for driving brands and have set up a solid association with the worldwide activewear fabricating brand, Adidas.

5| Khadim’s
Corporate Office – Kolkata, West Bengal | Establishment – 1981
Business – Footwear Manufacturer | Website –
In 1993, Khadim’s arisen as a well-known design footwear brand in India. Today, Khadim’s has developed to 799 marked restrictive retail locations across 23 states and 1 Union Territory. They have the biggest presence in East India and are among the main three parts in South India. They have a solid organization of 544 wholesalers and their center business objective is ‘Style for Everyone’, and set up a way of life as a ‘reasonable design’ brand, obliging the whole family for all events.

6 |  VKC
Corporate Office – Kozhikode, Kerala | Establishment – 1984
Business – Footwear Manufacturer | website –
VKC Group is a footwear manufacturing organization that began with a Hawai Sheet producing unit. Later on, Hawai straps were additionally accepted into the creation line. It has a scope of footwear so reasonable that it is moderate for all kinds of people. VKC has a broad assortment of snazzy and tough chappals, making it a definitive center point for them.

7 | Mochi Corporate Office – CST Road Junction Kurla, Mumbai| Establishment – 2000
 – Shoes Manufacturer | Website –
Mochi, a stylish Indian brand that comes in great styles and patterns that are consistently cutting-edge. It stocks a colossal assortment of people’s shoes styled by various brands. One of the features of the store is its assortment for men, which incorporates numerous uncommon plans and patterns that make a top pick among the individuals who love design. Mochi today has different stores in a few urban areas across India and presents a normal of 100 recent fads consistently the nation over.

8 | WalkMate
Corporate Office – Mysuru, Karnataka   | Establishment – 2003
Business – Footwear Supplier | Website – Walkmate firm quality norms joined with creative plans have made it the top-selling footwear brand in Karnataka. It is footwear that is moderate and relaxed. They have shoes for men in a wide range of sizes and shadings that work for relaxed events.

9 | Metro
Corporate Office – Mumbai, India | Establishment – 1947
Business – Shoes Manufacturer | Website – Metro Shoes is a multi-brand footwear corporate store in India. It has a countrywide organization of retail locations at more than 200+ areas across 100+ urban communities in India intended to bring clients, a broad assortment of footwear, and accomplices to suit all their necessities. What started as a solitary outlet in Mumbai has today developed into a cross-country chain of elite-style footwear and adornments stores for the whole family.

10 | Red Chief
Corporate Office – Gurugram 122003, Haryana | Establishment – 1997
Business – Manufacturer | Website –
The footwear scope of Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd was dispatched under the brand name RED CHIEF in 1997 to satisfy the developing need for marked top-notch calfskin footwear. The organization is a finished calfskin and best footwear producer with its tannery and two assembling plants. It merits realizing that calfskin and tannery isn’t even their essential business, the lone another item they make is an unpleasant handwashing cleanser called “GHARI”.