Here is a list of Top Automation companies in India; these are the best Automation, process and control system solution provider in the country. Ranking process of these best Automation companies in India is frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | ABB Ltd
Corporate Office – Bangalore, Karnataka | Establishment – 1893
Business – Power, Distribution and Automation | Website
ABB is a global company, which excels​ in the fields of Power and automation technologies that have been one of the most important companies in India throughout the decades. There have always been companies in this field. But this company is just the one that you would ever want, given that the company has always been one of the top 10 automation companies in India.

2 | Siemens Limited
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1847
Business – Distribution, power and Automation | Website
Siemens, the company is growing at the fastest rate possible and all these because of the great customers that it has. The customers are not those who would have been there if the company would have not been what it is. But the companies is surely the one which have helped the clients and the customers in case of any problem as faced by the customers.

3 | Larsen & Toubro
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1938
Business – Heavy machinery, construction and automation | Website

Larsen and Toubro one among the best automation company in India, the organisation itself seems to be one of the most trusted names that one has ever come across. There are just way too many ways in which the company helps the clients and there are also ways in which the company has been able to satisfy their customers in all the possible causes.

4 | Honeywell India
Corporate Office – Pune, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1906
Business – Automation and process solution | website www.
This company is well known for the efforts that it puts to offer their customers the best that they could have ever ever ever thought of and this is the reason the customers can hardly complain about practically anything in this company. The company seems to be just perfect in each and everything that it does for the customers at large.

5 | GE India
Corporate Office – Bangalore, Karnataka | Establishment – 1892
Business – Industrial automation and Electrical | Website www.
GE is a world wide company that has kept in mind the need of each and every country and the people in them that they ship their product to. There are also various others in this trade that you would find but the diversity and the knowledge that you can find in this company is hard to find in any other company. The giant organization is not only best automation companies in India but at world leve.

6 | Voltas Limited
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1954
Business – Air conditioner, Refrigeration and Automatic Instruments | Website
Voltas, quiet well known for the cooling products that it makes the refrigerators and the air conditioners, the company is all settled to be among the top 10 companies in India in Automation and this company has got everything in place to get it done. There would be way too many ways in which the company would help the ones that get associated with the company.

7 | Titan Automation solution
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1984
Business – Automation & Instrumentation products | Website
Titan Automation have been the best in the business as they claim to be and they are here to capture the market and following to footsteps of the Tata company at large, the company would simply run to become the best. This is one of the mainstream business that has always been the best for Tata and have helped them earn the most that they can think of.

8 | Rockwell automation
Corporate Office – Noida, Uttar Pradesh | Establishment – 1903
Business – automation, Instrumentation and Process control| Website
The next in line after all that have been stated is the Rockwell Automation company and they are here to help you with anything that you would want in the automation department and you would also get the most simple and the accurate form of the data that you can ever ask for. This makes the company stand out among the best Automation companies in India.

9 | B&R Industrial Automation Private Limited
Corporate Office Pune, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1979
Business – Industrial Automation & Process control | Website
B&R Industrial Automation Private Limited well, what can be said about this company. Right from the days of inception, the company has always been the favorite of all the people at large and you would not let anyone take the place that this company has in the hearts of the people. The company has been considerate enough to help anyone and everyone at large. This makes the company stand out among the rest.

10 | Schneider Electric India
Corporate Office – Gurgaon, Haryana | Establishment – 1836
Business – Home and Industrial Automation products | Website
When Schneider Electric India came up, people surely knew that there are various ways in which this multinational company can help the nation and the company has never proved them wrong. All that they had is out on display and everyone in the company is eagerly waiting to help the customers and the clients. The company is thus one of the best companies in Automation sector.

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