Here is a list of Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in India; these are the best companies in the product manufacturing area. Ranking process of the most popular manufacturing industries in India are frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | Aditya Birla Group
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Turnover – 40 Billion Dollar |
Business – Conglomerate | Employees – 136000+
Sector – Private Sector |
Being one of the companies in the league of Fortune 500. The company has as many as 120000 employees from across 36 countries in the nation. The company has been named as the fourth in the world and the best in the Asian Pacific region when it comes to the ‘Top Companies for Leaders’ in 2011, conducted by some of the reputed companies in the world.

2| Larsen & Toubro
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Turnover – 13.5 Billion Dollar |
Business – Technology, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing | Employees – 45000+ |
Sector – Private Sector | Website
The company over the years have excelled in the fields of engineering and construction. These have also been a few of those sectors in which the company has done notable work and these sectors make the company one of the top 10 Manufacturing companies in India. The company is also one of the well-known multinational companies.

3| Bombay Dyeing
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Turnover – 310 Million Dollar |
Business – Textile Manufacturing | Employees – 10000+
Sector – Public |
Everything that is produced in the world or is created by the people, it is called a manufactured product. Thus Bombay dyeing with the varied collection in the field of the textiles and have been a common name in the house holds for years. This would enable the company to be one of the leading manufacturing companies in the nation.

4 | Hindustan Lever Network
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Turnover – 4 Billion Dollar |
Business – Consumer Goods | Employees – 40000+
Sector – Private Sector | Website
Hindustan Unilever, the company that produces quiet many of the products of your daily need would surely be among the toppers as hardly a day passes when you do not use something manufactured by this awesome company. This makes the company a daily household name in every particular house and also a trusted one.

5 | Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd.
Corporate Office – Kolkata, West Bengal | Turnover – 2 Billion Dollar |
Business – PetroChemicals | Employees – 1000+
Sector – Private Sector |
Haldia Petrochemicals, the company having a workforce of over 1000 employees and also a net turnover of more than 2 Billion dollars is a company surely to look up to. The company with its headquarters based in Kolkata is among the finest in the nation in its own trade. This makes the company a well reputed one and also a leader in the own trade.

6 | Apollo Tyres
Corporate Office – Gurgaon, Haryana | Turnover – 2.5 Billion Dollar |
Business – Tyres | Employees – 16000+
Sector – Private Sector |
Apollo Tyres, well most of us might be well acquainted with the company “Apollo” related to the medical science department but might be not many of us have heard about Apollo Tyres. Well, if you think so then you are surely wrong, as the tyre company is among the top 10 manufacturing companies in India.

7 | Jindal Steel
Corporate Office – New Delhi | Turnover – 2.5 Billion Dollar |
Business – Steel |Employees – 7600+
Sector – Private Sector |
Jindal steel plants are one of those that seem to be growing each and every single day. Well, the major reason behind any of the company’s growth is the raise in demand of the company’s product. Thus this clearly shown that the company is one of the best in many of the fields and have been able to capture the market quiet well.

8 | Videocon Group
Corporate Office – Gurgaon, Haryana | Turnover – 2.3 Billion Dollar |
Business – Conglomerate | Employees – 9000+
Sector – Private Sector |
In the field of electronics and electrical goods, if there is one company that has never lost the charm, then probably Videocon is the name that you are looking at and then when you know its videocon, there is an extra bit of confidence that you find in the product. This makes the company a leader in its own way and makes the company a forerunner in any of the manufacturing industry at large.

9 | Ranbaxy
Corporate Office – Gurgaon, Haryana | Turnover – 1.8 Billion Dollar |
Business – Pharmaceutical | Employees – 10400+
Sector – Private Sector |
Well, medicines are one of those things that if used at the right time with the right proportion, then you would get the best results for yourself that you would ever think of and if given at the wrong time or in the wrong proportion, then the effects can be worse than ever imagined. The company has provided the best medicines through ages and have thus been a pioneer in the trade.

10 | Asian Paints
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Turnover – 1.7 Billion Dollar |
Business – Chemicals |Employees – 4900+
Sector – Private Sector |
Asian Paints, an Indian paint company is among the leaders in the paint and colour industries in the nation. The company knows the perfect ways to make you stay at the perfect house that you dream of. The company has many of the honours of being one of the most essential of all the companies that you would ever come across and thanks to the great customer satisfaction, and that is just what makes the company among the top 10 manufacturing companies in the world.

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