Every youth dreams to be a part of an MNC, where he/she can develop their skills. They provide them with an area of representing themselves in a goal achieving approach. Here is a list of top 10 Multinational companies in India; these are the best MNC companies in the country. Ranking process of companies is being frequently updated by our expert team.

1 |Microsoft
Corporate Office – Redmond, Washington, U.S | Turnover – 74 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 97000+ | Business – Software |
Sector – Private Sector | Career Websitecareers.microsoft.com/
Ranked best MNC Company in the nation, Microsoft has shown the world the perfect way to get involved in a business and to win in that. The company has initially started off as a computer developer company has now captured the market in every possible computing device possible and this is what makes it one of the top 10 multinational companies in India.

2 | IBM
Corporate Office – Armonk, New York, U.S.| Turnover – 107 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 434246+ | Business – Computer Hardware , Software, IT Services & Consulting |
Sector – Private Sector | Career Websitewww-07.ibm.com/in/careers
The International Business Machine with its corporate headquarters set up in Armonk, New York is all set to get the most from all the countries across the world and they have been able to collect a huge turnover in the last few years in India as well and this has just made them popular among all the customers and the people at large.

3 | Nokia Corporation
Corporate Office – Espoo , Finland | Turnover – 39 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 97800+ | Business – Telecommunications Equipment , Internet , Software |
Sector – Private Sector | Career Websitewww.nokia.com/global/about-nokia/careers-page
Nokia, the company that has the record of selling the highest number of a single product item in the nation is among the others who have been able to become the popular names in the fields of multinational companies. The company has although faced some critical conditions in the recent years, but the popularity of the company still prevails in the nation and is one which is hard to die.

4 | PepsiCo
Corporate Office – New York, U.S | Turnover – 67 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 297050+ | Business –Food and Beverage |
Sector – Private Sector | Career Websitewww.pepsico.com/Careers/
Although 50 years have passed, but still the company seems to be growing in a way that it has never done before and probably this is what makes the company stand out among the rest. The company has never been satisfied with the success that it had and has always aimed for more, which has made the company a great success.

5 | Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.
Corporate Office – Gurgaon, Haryana, India | Turnover – 2 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 10000+ | Business – Pharmaceuticals |
Sector – Private Sector | Career Websitewww.ranbaxy.com/careers
With 45 marketing sites and more than 3000 products, the company is also served by over 30000 employees worldwide.The company served across 150 markets worldwide and is one of the top most MNC Companies when it comes to the world of pharmacy. That is possibly the only reason which makes it the 5th largest pharma company in the world.

6 | Nestle
Corporate Office – Vevey , Switzerland | Turnover – 86 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 325000+ | Business – Food Processing |
Sector – Private Sector | Career Websitewww.nestle.in/jobs
There are many companies which are the top ones in the country or the world at large. But there are just a few which looks deeply into the comfort of the employees and help them accordingly with all that they need. This makes the employees deliver the most and the company thus gets the most from the employees and this has helped the company to be among the top 10 multinational companies in India.

7 | CocaCola
Corporate Office – Midtown Atlanta, Georgia | Turnover – Unknown |
Employees – 150500+ | Business – Beverage |
Sector – Private Sector | Career Websitewww.coca-colacompany.com/careers/
The Coca-Cola, one of the most well known soft drink company that has been in the nation and possibly one of the most demanded company in the sector in the entire world. The American company has made the soft drinks for more than 100 years now and they have also been able to satisfy people always in these 100 years.

8 | Procter & Gamble
Corporate Office – Cincinnati, Ohio, USA | Turnover – 84 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 125000+ | Business – Consumer Goods |
Sector – Private Sector | Career Websiteindia.experiencepg.com/
The company is such one that reacts with more than 5 billion customers each and every calendar year. If this was not enough to determine the status of the company, then it must be kept in mind that the company has products for each and every department what so ever that you would ever ask for. Let it be notebooks or the washing detergents, the company has all under its banner.

9 | Sony Corporation
Corporate Office – Minato, Tokyo, Japan | Turnover – 80 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 162000+ | Business – Conglomerate Corporation |
Sector – Private Sector | Career Websitewww.sony.com/SCA/careers/overview.shtml
This company has led to a revolution in the fields of the graphics and the quality of display products that you would ever crave to have. The company has always nailed them all, then let it be the mobile phones or the television that you want. Even the monitors that you would get from the company would blow you off by the quality that it has.

10 | Citigroup Inc
Corporate Office – Manhattan , New York, U.S. | Turnover – 70 Billion Dollar |
Employees – 258500+ | Business – Banking & Financial services |
Sector – Private Sector | Career Websitecareers.citigroup.com
Getting financial support in the nation is not that tough and especially with all those companies around and new companies entering the nation each day. But CITI has its own way to deal with things and that is surely the only ingredients, which has made it the trusted company not only in the world but also in the list of top 10 MNC companies in India.

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