Top 10 Television companies in India 2021- Best TV Brands

Here is a list of top 10 TV Brands in India 2020 ; these are the best Television manufacturing companies are involved in Led, LCD, Plasma and 3D TV manufacturing. List of these companies is frequently being updated by our expert team.


Let it be the age-old cathode ray tube televisions or the new day LED televisions, the company has always kept up with the up to the mark products and specializing in the fields of graphics and sound. The 116th ranked company in the list of fortune global 500 has been around in the business for almost 69 years now. Apart from television, the company also has excelled in cameras, mobiles, tablets and many other such electronic gadgets.


Samsung Sanghoe, yes, that is just what the company was known in the old days, i.e. the days of its inception had started out as one of the small trading companies with a little workforce. Lee Byung-chull, might have never expected that the company which has started off with just 40 employees would someday be one of the most dominating names in the markets across the nations. The company is now among the largest and most trusted manufacturers of the electronics items in the world.


The company is basically a holding company which works worldwide with more than 30 companies. The company has holdings in the various fields like telecom fields’ electronics, and chemical. The company has products ranging from microwave ovens to rechargeable batteries. And to top it all, the company has not given up the quality on any of the products, just for the sake of the wide range of product that it produces. The company still holds to be one of the best in each and every field that it operates.


The company which has been well famous for the great quality products that it launches was started in the year 1938 and then it was named as Tokyo Shibaura Electric K.K. Over the years the company has outgrown many of the competitors and has also acquired many of the companies at large and as a result of which the company has been able to provide quality service to all the customers across the world. Thus this is one of the top TV Brands in India.


The Japanese company which is the parent of the Hitachi Group. This is one of the most diversified companies in the world and operates in over eleven business segments worldwide. The company was founded by an electrical engineer and thus has right from the days of its inceptions been among the best electrical and electronics company around and produces quite a few many of the great products across the various segments.


The Dutch company has made a huge impact in the nation and is not just among the top 10 TV Brands in the nation, but it also is a trusted producer of products like radio, floodlights, wireless speakers, nuclear medicines and many more. The company is just one of the most versatile ones in the trade.  Philips is a company more than 100 years old and so this age-old company is surely a trusted one among all at large.


The company was founded as the Qingdao Refrigerator Co. and later in the years the company has changed its name to what it is called now. The year 2014 has seen the company emerge as the 6th consecutive time largest market share in the manufacturing of the major appliances. The company has produced quality smart phones, televisions and other electrical appliances for more than 30 years now.


Set up in Bangalore, this company is an indigenous product, which has been a common household name in the nation for many years now. The British Physical Laboratories Group was set up in the year 1963 and has been able to help the people of the nation with various products. The company is a set of few professional members who are well involved in making the company a stronghold in the nation’s business field.


The company is the prime manufacturers of CRT televisions in the country. The company is ranked as 27th in the most trusted brands in India category. The sub-brand of Mirc Electronics seems to be growing each day and they are now even entering into the world of new age LEDs and LCDs. The company has been awarded many accolades over the years and judged the best in various fields by many surveys.


Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. is the Japanese company that deserves to be among the top 10 television manufacturers in India. The company initially started with the manufacturing of transformers in the year 1947. But slowly with the flow of time, the company has got into field of making serious audio equipment and television is surely one of them. The company is well known for the customer care and help that it avails to the customers.

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