Top Business Magazines in India 2023

Business Magazines are the best source to stay updated with the recent happenings and changes in the business arena that’s why all the entrepreneurs and business tycoons fond of reading business magazines as to gather the information. In business magazines, you will get all the information regarding banking, finance, economy, the stock market, technology, etc. As in today’s scenario all the people want to stay updated that what is happening in their country as well as in the whole world. So, for all the magazine’s readers, here we listed the Top Business Magazines in India:-

1 | Business Today
Business Today was launched in the year 1992 and soon became the most favorite business magazine in the country. This magazine is published by Living Media India Limited and it is considered as a fortnightly business magazine that covers distinct aspects of business like Economy, Industry, Money, Market, etc. Moreover, this magazine is also a steady source for updates on BSE, stocks, NSE, top most companies, etc. the best part of this magazine is that it has a readership of more than 2.9 lakh per month.

2 | Business India
In this list, the next magazine is Business India. This magazine is launched in the year 1978 and this gather popularity for its credibility and transparency and it is published by Business India Publications Limited. This magazine also covers different aspects based on finance, industry, marketing, policies, government, etc. it gained so much popularity among all the citizens of our country because of its originality and a crystal clear manner. Business India deals in so many current topics like analysis of trends, celebration of entrepreneurship, reporting of financial markets and promotion of business viewpoints.

3 |Business World
Let us talk about another popular magazine that is Business World which was launched by ABP Group in the year 1981. The ABP Group is a leading group in India which also runs English news channels and publishes English newspapers. In this magazine, it covers all the burning topics related to Indian Economy, Retail, IT, Aviation, Telecom, Personal Finance, Banking, Marking and Advertisement, entrepreneurs, industries, etc.

4 |Outlook Business
In the list of top 10 business magazines, another name is Outlook business, this magazine also covers the same aspects like other magazines but the different thing about this magazine is that it deeply analysis the topic and give their readers quality content. Moreover, Business Outlook shows you the broader side of any business related issue. The business domains covered by this magazine are finance, stock markets, money, economy, enterprise, strategy, industry, and events.

5 |Forbes India
Forbes India magazine was published in the year 2008. Forbes, a worldwide acclaimed and popular magazine made debut in India via its Indian edition named Forbes India. This magazine also known for its latest updates and comes up with all the current happenings of the country and the world too and it is based on economy, business, finance and health.

6 |Business Barons
Business Barons is another leading magazine which was published from Mumbai since last 20 years and spread not only in India but in the whole world. This magazine laid down focus on corporate leaders. The main aim of the magazine is to cover the main profiles like Business Magnets, consultants and industry professionals. Not only this, it focuses on various industries of India and give updates about the latest trends in business and also covers the prominent areas like education, software, etc.

7 | Images Retail
Images Retail was widely recognized as the single most powerful and resounding voice of India retail. In this magazine, you will get all the facts that retail is the future of all the business and enterprise and there will be no hope for any business without a sound retail support system. This magazine starts its publication from New Delhi in the year 2002 and covers the important key areas of retail which includes logistics, investment opportunities, visual and merchandising, consumer trends, real estate, franchising, supply chain and merchandise.

8 | Business of Fashion India
The Business of Fashion is also regarded as the top-most recall publication which mainly deals with retailing, branding and marketing of fashion images. This magazine covers all the aspects related to fashion and updates about recent trends and new look arrives in the market.

9 | India Business Journal
This magazine was launched in 2005. The Indian Business Journal or shortly called IBJ gathers large audiences and laid down emphasis on entrepreneurs, policy-makers, businessmen, bureaucrats, investment bodies etc. All the business related issues are deals in this magazine and what are the changes made in the important sectors are also illustrated in the magazine.

10 | Inc. India
Inc. India is the Indian Edition of the American magazine Inc. and its publication house is in Noida, India. This magazine is the monthly guide for the entire businessman which tells you how to run a successful business. In the magazine you will get all the exciting blogs of young companies, bringing to you stories of their success, failures and the grit and frustration developing while they are doing the business. It also focuses on business and growth.

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