Here is a list of top 10 marketing research companies in India; these are the best companies offering market insights and analysis services. Ranking process of these best market research companies in India is frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | IMRB International
Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1970 |
Business – Marketing Research | |
IMRB is the best marketing research company in India established in year 1970, It is a part of WPP Company which has global existence in more than 100 countries. IMRB is a globally recognized brand in research sector and for past many years it is leading Indian market.

2 | TNS India pvt Ltd.
Corporate office – London, England, UK | Establishment – 1997 |
Business – Marketing insight and research | |
TNS is a leading marketing research company focused to deliver the insight of business. The company has global footprint and existence in more than 100 countries. It is headquartered in London, UK.

3 | RNB Research
Corporate office – New Delhi, India | Establishment – 1995 |
Business – Marketing Research | |
It is an ISO 9001:2000 certified market research and data collection organization which has existence in many countries including India, China, Russia, Philippines, South Africa and Thailand. The company was established in year 1995. RNB research is rated among the top 5 Marketing Research Companies in India

4 | Majestic MRSS
Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1992 |
Business – Market Research | |
Majestic MRSS is a leading player in Marketing research and survey. The company has significant market presence in Asian countries and offers wide range of multitasking research service to international and national industries clients.

5 | Market Xcel Data Matrix Pvt. Ltd.
Corporate office – New Delhi, India | Establishment – 2000 |
Business – Market Research | |
It was established in the year 2000 and provides high end research solutions to Industries. It is among the top marketing research companies in India, headquartered in New Delhi.

6 | IDC
Corporate office – Framingham, Massachusetts, USA | Establishment – 1964 |
Business – Market research | |
Global market research player has been dominating world business analysis and market research area for almost 50 years. Company’s corporate office is located in Framingham, USA and earned great reputation in world having global footprint in more than 110 countries.

7 | Hansa Research
Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1983 |
Business – Market research | |
Hansa Research is a Mumbai based research and data measurement group which has been a key player for last few decades in Indian Market. It has presence in more than 77 countries worldwide.

8 | Millward Brown
Corporate office – New York, USA | Establishment – 1973 |
Business – Market Research | |
Millward Brown is a leading market research company in India headquartered in New York. It deals in research of advertisement, marketing and media communications. It is a subsidiary of Kantar group.

9 | Ipsos Indica Research
Corporate office – Paris, France | Establishment – 1975 |
Business – Market Insight and Analysis | |
Iposos Indica Research is among the top 10 market research companies in India which was established in year 1975. It has been a leading player in data research and data analysis field for past 40 years.

10 | The Nielsen
Corporate office – New York City, USA | Establishment – 1923 |
Business – Media Research | |
The Nielsen is a globally reputed marketing, research, survey and data Measurement Company which has been playing a vital role in India. The company has existence in more than 100 countries and offers a wide range of solution for measuring insights of business and people.

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