Top Shipping Companies in Mumbai 2023

Here is a list of Top Shipping Companies in Mumbai; these are the best companies providing shipping and transport services. Ranking process of Shipping Companies in Mumbai is frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | The shipping corporation of India
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1961 |
Business – Shipping | |
SCI is among the largest shipping companies in India providing liquid/dry bulk, break-bulk, passenger, international container and offshore services. Being the only supplier of LNG to the country, SCI serves to petrochemical and power plant industries. Company’s clientèle includes Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., BHEL, Steel Authority of India Ltd. and other leading players in the manufacturing and minerals sectors.

2 | Essar Shipping
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1945 |
Business – Shipping | |
An Essar group company diversified into a large number of business providing logistics services, oilfield drilling services and sea transportation worldwide to oil and gas, power generation and steel industries. Essar owns and operates 27 vessels to serve crude oil and product transportation. It is an ISO 14001 certified company.

3 | The great eastern shipping company
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1948 |
Business – Shipping | |
G E Shipping company is among the top shipping companies in Mumbai operating offshore and shipping business. The company’s shipping business division offers integrated transportation of crude oil, dry bulk and gas commodities and petroleum products.

4 | Lilly Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1996 |
Business – Shipping | |
Lilly Maritime was established in the year 1996 with interest in Maintenance & Repairs of Ships, hull and equipment, Pollution Control of Marine Oil Terminal, Ship Management, Jetty Operation and Pigging Services, Project Consultancy and Diving Operation.

5 | Five Stars Shipping Company Pvt Ltd.
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1985 |
Business – Shipping | |
Five Stars is one of the top shipping companies In Mumbai and first in India to obtain “DOC” from the Directorate General of Shipping. Five Stars has substantial interests in various segments of the shipping trade with expertise in vessel management.

6 | Varun Shipping Company
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – |
Business – Shipping | |
Varun is a Globally recognized shipping company head-quartered in Mumbai also having branch office in Singapore. Varun’s owned fleet includes 3 crude oil tankers, 10 LPG carriers which are largest in India and 7 anchor handling towing and supply (AHTS) vessels. It also provides energy transportation, offshore exploration and production support services.

7 | BHN Shipping Company Pvt. Ltd
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1999 |
Business – Shipping | |
A ISO 9001-2008 Certified BHN World group company established in the year 1999 in Mumbai. The BHN shipping is one of the top shipping companies In Mumbai engaged in Ship Management, Technical Management, Trading in Bulk Commodities, Crew Management, Port Management and Vessels Chartering.

8 |ABS Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
Corporate Office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 1992 |
Business – Marine Services | Website – |
ABS Marine Services was founded in 1992 by Capt P.B Narayanan having expertise in Port Management services, Technical and Crew Management, Sea Water Desalination Plants and Ship Inspection and Technical Consultancy.

9 | Mitsui O.S.K Lines (India) Private Limited
Corporate Office – Minato-ku, Tokyo | Establishment – 1884 |
Business – Shipping, Transport | |
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. is a Japan based shipping company. MOL owns and operates fleets which includes and car carriers and container ships for delivery of finished products and specialized bulk carriers for crude oil and LNG transportation.

10 | Mediterranean Shipping Company
Corporate Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1970 |
Business – Shipping | |
It is a flagship company of MSC Geneva having 33 offices in India employing around 469 people. It is the second largest container operator in the world operating providing container transport services worldwide.

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