Top 10 World Heritage Sites in India 2021

Here is a list of world heritage sites in India; these are the best world heritage locations in the country recognized by UNESCO. Ranking process of these top 10 world heritage sites in India is frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | Taj Mahal
Location – Agra, Uttar Pradesh | Heritage Site Status – 1983 |
Heritage criteria – cultural property | |
One of the seven wonders, Taj Mahal is one of the top 10 world heritage sites in India. The white marble delight built somewhere between the years 1631 to 1648 is one of the oldest historical building present in India. The Taj Mahal presents a great reference of the art of the era and the preciseness of the art makes the viewers wonder at the dedication of the workers.

2 | Kaziranga National Park
Location – Assam, India | Heritage site Status – 1985 |
Heritage criteria – Natural environment and reserved forest | |
Situated in Assam, this place is one of the most beautiful example of the biodiversity that god has gifted us with. The place is well endowed with too many an endangered species in the world and they all are here. The place is just the one that anyone would ever ask for. The park is well endowed with various mammals, tigers, one-horned rhinos and many such great animals from across the nation.

3 | Humayun Tomb
Location – Delhi, India | Heritage Site Status – 1993 |
Heritage criteria –representation of the Islamic architectural ||
Built as early as in the later halves of the 16th century, this monument still stands tall and seems to be standing quiet high if it is conserved a bit with care. Thus, the place deserves to be one of the heritage sites. The tomb although is not the replica of the great Taj Mahal, but it has many designs which are inspired from the world wonder.

4 | Red Fort / Lal Qila
Location – Delhi, India | Heritage Site Status – 2007 |
Heritage criteria –representation of the architectural design ||
The great monument built at the regime of the great ruler, Shah Jahan, one of the great Mughal rulers to rule over India ever. The building is unique in its own sense as there are many art forms engraved in the building, which includes the likes of Timurid, Hindu and Persian. The monument is one of the priced possession of the nation!

5 | Monuments at Hampi
Location – Bellary, Karnataka | Heritage Site Status – 1986 |
Heritage criteria –Cultural site | |
The monuments situated in the city of Humpi are the remnants of the last Hindu Kingdom of Vijaynagar. The city is distributed in an area of over 4187.24 hectares. The city has many a monuments engraved in it. The area is located in the Tungabhadra region. The monuments in this city have many an astonishing features and one can not do justification with the talent, unless they have a view of it.

6 | Buddhist Monuments Sanchi
Location Madhya Pradesh, India | Heritage Site Status – 1989 |
Heritage criteria –Cultural site | |
At a distance of over 40 kilometers from Bhopal, lies the great Buddhist Monument, which is among the top 10 world heritage sites in India. The Buddhist sacred place is just too well placed for anyone to neglect it. The monument has had quiet a good reputation right from its beginning and has always been one of the most important monument out right.

7 | Khajuraho Monuments, MP
Location Madhya Pradesh, India | Heritage Site Status – 1986 |
Heritage criteria – Architectural and Cultural site | |
The temples of Khajuraho is one of the most beautiful places in India, not only for the great monuments that it poses, but also for the great gardens and the scenic beauties that the place has on to offer to the viewers. The most important group of monuments is grouped along in the western region of the area.

8 | Ajanta Caves
Location Maharashtra, India | Heritage Site Status – 1983 |
Heritage criteria – Buddhism religious art | |
The first Buddhist monument in Ajanta is dated back in the 1st or the 2nd century. The Ajanta Cave is widely known for the cave paintings that it has on to offer. These cave paintings are one of the most beautiful art forms that the world has ever known. The cave paintings made during the Gupta empire still remain a great source of amusement for anyone at large even still.

9 | Ellora Caves
Location Maharashtra, India | Heritage Site Status – 1983 |
Heritage criteria – Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism religious art | Website |
Ellora Caves is just a monster of the heritage sites. It is a collection of more than 34 monasteries, covering an area of over 2 kilometers. The caves in itself bring to light, the history and the daily life course of the people of that era. This is what makes the cave stand out among all others.

10 | Sun Temple
Location Orrisa, India | Heritage Site Status – 1984 |
Heritage criteria – Cultural Site ||
Sun Temple at Konark is one of those sites, which you will honestly add to the list of top 10 Heritage Sites in India, once you visit the place. It has got just perfectly everything in it. The art forms, the designs, the architectural angle, the temple as a whole seems to be engineering personified and in the recent years, rumor also floated of it becoming one of the seven wonders.

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