Here is a list of top 10 chocolate companies in India; these are the best chocolate brands in India offering multiple range of confectionary products. List of these companies are frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | Amul
Establishment – 1946| Business – Chocolates and dairy products|
Sector – Private | Website
This Gujarat Company has been one of the sensations in the dairy industry for long and chocolates are another subsidiary part of the company. The company is owned by 3.6 million milk producers in Gujarat. Just like the cool caricatures of the company the products have also been hot favorite among the people of the nation. The company has won many awards like Forbes India Leadership Awards 2015, APEDA Awards for 16 years continuously and many such notable awards.

2 | Cadbury
Establishment – 1824| Business : Chocolates and dairy products
Sector – Private |
This British multinational company has been ruling the chocolate industry of the nation for quiet sometime now. The various products of the company include dairy milk, Bourneville, Dairy milk Silk and many others. The company has been the proud recipients of various honors in the country and abroad. The company also comes up with some of the most innovative advertising techniques, which helps to make it a popular brand among the kids.

3 |Nestle India.
Establishment – 1866| Business Chocolates and dairy products–|
Sector – Private |
The indigenous company has made their tagline of “Good Food, Good Life” clear with the quality product that they offer to the customers. The Gurgaon Company was founded in the year 1866. The company has been able to take on to the market with many other products like biscuits, noodles and many other such edibles. Kitkat, Milky bar, Munch, Polo are a few of the most well known products of the nestle company.

4 |Mars Chocolates
Establishment – 1932 | Business Chocolates and dairy products–|
Sector – Private |
The chocolate company is among the top 10 chocolate companies in India and thanks to the great deal that it offers to the customer. Snickers, Mars chocolate bars and the Mars almond bars are simply the chocolate sticks in India that has been in India that have made the company popular. The American company is recently well known in the nation, for the new product, galaxy chocolates that it has launched.

Establishment – 1973| Business Chocolates and dairy products –|
Sector – Government |
Abbreviated from the Central Areca nut and Cocoa Marketing and Processing Co-operative Limited, this company launched its first product in 1973 from its first production unit in Mangalore. The company was initially established to compensate with the losses of the areca nut and the cocoa growers in the southern states of the nation. Products like Krust, Melto, Treat and many such mouth watering chocolates have made this company one of the tycoons in the Indian chocolate industry.

6 | Ferrero
Establishment – 1919| Business Chocolates and dairy products |
Sector – Private |
When Pietro Ferrero started with the company in the year 1946, he would have hardly imagined that someday almost 6 decades later; this company would be among the top three chocolate brands in the world and shipping the products in various parts of the world. The product list of this highly successful company consists of Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Mon Cheri and many others.

7 | ITC Candyman
Establishment – 2002 | Business Chocolates and dairy products|
Sector – Private |
The company has been able to rekindle your taste buds always and this is something that you will have to admit that this Kolkata based company has grown to new heights in a very little time. The Eclairs, Toffichoo, Cofitino are a few among the wide range of the confectioneries that the company has come up with in just over a decade from the day of its establishment of the confectionery department in the year 2002.

8 | Lotus
Establishment – NA| Business Chocolates and dairy products|
Sector – Private |
This company seems to have offered the customers with the most exquisite range of chocolates. The company with its rekindling efforts makes it a point to arrange the most exclusive and best cocoa for their products, so that you would just fall for the products. The Lotus Company is one of the fastest growing chocolate companies of India in the recent days. The product range includes Eclairs, Milky Punch, Chuckles and Kajoos are just a few among the whole lot of mouth watering chocolates that the company produces.

9 | Chocon India
Establishment – Unknown| Business Chocolates and dairy products |
Sector – Private |
This company has really made a transformation. It started with selling of mineral water and now it is one of the leaders in the chocolate industries of the nation. Milk and Nut was the first stepping stone of the company in the chocolate industry. The company ever since that has produced products like Milk crème Choco Bar, Chocolaty Bar and others to rule the chocolate industry of the nation.

10 | Parle Confectioneries
Establishment – 1984| Business – Chocolates and dairy products |
Sector – Private |
This company has been the leaders in the trade of confectioneries and biscuits for almost over eight decades now and every passing decade the company seems to emerge as a larger one than it was in the last. The company was ranked 7th as one of the most trusted companies in the nation. The product range of this company runs from Kismi Bar, Fruit Drops, 2-in-1 Eclairs and others. This company is surely one of the top 10 chocolate companies in India.

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