Here is a list of top 10 interior designers in Chennai; these are the best companies offering Architectural, Civil and Interior Designing solutions. Ranking process of these best Interior decorators in Chennai is frequently being updated by our expert team.

1| Dorma India
Corporate office – Chennai| Establishment – 1908 |
Business – Interior Furniture | Website |
DORMA is one of those few companies in India that are leading in interior designing and decorating front in the country. DORMA has excelled itself in the fields of interior designing with the great service of architects, planners, Project consultants and designers. The company has its roots based in Germany and is one which will definitely suffice you with the service quality that you can think of.

2| DesignQube
Corporate office – Chennai | Establishment – 2001 |
Business – Design Consultancy | |
DesignQube is one such company which has made quite a popular name among all the industries in the realm of interior designing and people love the effort that the company puts into gift you with the best interior designing that one can ever think of. Thus this company is one of the respected ones if you are looking for the interior designers in Chennai.

3 | Deejos Interiors
Corporate office – Chennai | Establishment – 0000|
Business – Interior designing & Architecture | |
The company believes in providing you with the highest level of satisfaction, when it comes to the experience of having the best and the most essentially need when it comes to your dream house and that is to get your house elated to the next level. The company is known provide good quality interior designing services in the city.

4| OCI Architects
Corporate office – Chennai | Establishment – 1996 |
Business – Interior designing & Architecture ||
This is one of the top 10 interior designing companies in Chennai. The company has already received quite a many appreciations from many at large then let it be the national, state or the international sphere. The efficiency of the company in its field can be easily seen in the number of laurels it has collected over the years. Thus, this is quite a good company to get your interior designing done.

5 | Creative Architects & Interiors
Corporate office – Chennai | Establishment –1996 |
Business – Design Firm | |
One of the most reputed multi-disciplinary Chennai-based company which excels in the fields of interior designing and architecture. The highly qualified and experienced team of professionals, who have excelled in the field are the best assets of the company which helps it to stand tall. Among all the other of its competitors.

6 | Sanskriti Interiors
Corporate office – Chennai | Establishment – 0000 |
Business – Interior Designing | |
Sanskriti Interiors has over the years excelled in the fields of interior designing, with the company specializing in Turnkey Projects for Offices. The company has produced some of the finest interior designs in the city. Interior decoration is not an easy job, but the Sanskriti Interiors Company makes it a cake walk for you. Thus, the company is pretty viable an option if you are looking to modify your interiors.

7 | Zenith Interiors
Corporate office – Chennai | Establishment – 0000 |
Business – Interior Designing | |
With an experience of over 20 years, the company is one of those companies that you can bank on. And with the correct blend of reputation, experience and youth energy, the company seems to be just worthy enough to earn respect from one and all. The company has also had the record of producing contracts well above time and they have worked with quite high profile clients.

8 | Ansari And Associates Architects and Interior Designers
Corporate office – Chennai | Establishment – 0000 |
Business – Architect, Interior Designing and Civil Engineers |< b>Website –|
The company promises its customers to provide with the a project that would be both at a cheaper rate and would also help to conserve the environment, i.e they are eco-friendly as well. The company also takes full care of the safety and other precautions of the clients around. The company is not only bothered about the design, which at times is the primary motto, but also the safety and security of the clients.

9 | Murali Architects
Corporate office – Chennai | Establishment – 0000 |
Business – Architect, Interior Designing and Civil | |
Murali Architects is such a company that can never disappoint you, no matter how hard you try. The company just seems to have a reply for and a solution for anything and everything related to the interior designing and decoration. The company has a rich experience and this can be understood quite easily from the fact that they are just the ones that provide you with all that you need when it comes to getting your house renovated.

10 | Ashwini Decors
Corporate office – Chennai | Establishment – 1997 |
Business – Architect & Interior designing | |
Ashwini Decors is among the top 10 Interior decorator in Chennai city the moment and you would love the great friendly care and support that the company provides to the clients. Thus, you would simply not be the able to complain about anything in the company. The company has been in business for quite sometime now and this would help you decide on the best style and the best designs that you would ever ask for, for your interior designs.

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