Top 10 Freak Accident’s Occurred During Film Shooting 2021

Top 10 Freak Accident’s Occurred During Flim Shooting

The pictures that we watch every day and that are coming to us on the screen is not easy for the filmmakers to shoot it,as we think, and we are wrong because it takes months or sometimes years and lot of hard work, effort and risk is there behind every movie and sometime during a film shooting or at film set kills the actor, actress, and staff unfortunately. Some examples in which freak accident occurred during film shooting.

10. The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone

This is one of the best anthologies that is considered by Rod Serling. Due to some unknown error, a helicopter crashed during the scene and the hero Vic Morrow with two other kids decapitated.

9. The Crow

The Crow

Brandon Lee played this movie and it was supposed to bring super stardom but instead, it caused the death his death. I this movie real bullets are used instead of fake ones by the crew though they also did take precautions but Lee hit himself in the stomach and he succumbed to injuries and got died.

8. Top Gun

Top Gun

Tom Cruise was running down the side in MI4 that was a stunt done by the hero and he could claim his life. Pilot Art Scholl was one of the trained pilots and he did crazy manoeuvres in this movie and while during one stunt he was unable to recover and unfortunately his plane caused to crash.

7. The Conqueror

The Conqueror

In this film John Wayne and other 45 members of the crew died after the shooting. The American military had done nuclear experiments at St. George and thus crew acquired some form of cancer on this film set and the producer hid the copies for 18 years and saw them again and again.

6. The Sword of Tipu Sultan

The Sword of Tipu Sultan

This is the popular TV Serial but it is being responsible for most of the deaths on a single set at the Premiere Studio in Mysore. Lead actor Sanjay Khan escaped with a few crew members but 62 peoples died, and those who were escaped they had to spend time in the hospital for burns that they suffered.

5. Titanic


In this movie, during the shooting, there were nine reported accident and even Kate Winslet’s complained of drowning on the film sets. The accident called for plasters and one surgery and 80 crew members ended up in the hospital as the arrangement on the party backfired but later it was told that it was caused due to powered with PCP or Angel Dust.

4. Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark

In this movie instead using Miniature the producer demanded the extras and “ take their chance and 15000 tonnes of water was poured onto the set in which one had his leg amputated and including five major stars got suffered from pneumonia conditions and also broken a toe, nails and got fractures. This step thus make the film listed as Top 10 Freak Accident’s Occurred During Flim Shooting

3. The Expendables 2

The Expendables 2

This was a hit movie for sure for weapons and explosion that result in multi-billion dollars, but during an explosion scene, one stuntman was killed while the other was critically injured and the others were sent to the hospital for surgery.

2. Blue Brothers

Blue Brothers

John Landis the director has already sued for the deaths on the set of the Twilight Zone for the deaths that took place and was also responsible for the accident that injured a cameraman and a coordinator. After a few hours, a helicopter crash happened on the set and claimed lives of four soldiers and five other people.

1. Roar


While making this film no animals were harmed, the director lets loose 150 wild animals, ranging from cheetahs, lions, leopards on the set and the cast lived with these animals and many of them escaped death, scratches, mauling & clawing and biting and it took 10 years to make and while shooting for this film 10 accident occurred for which it is on the top of the list of accident that occurred while shooting.