Top 10 Powerful Women in the World 2021

Top 10 Powerful Women in the World

There are many women in the world that are the smartest business leader, entrepreneurs, scientists, philanthropists , investors and CEOs that has made their mark in the world today. Here are some of the top leaders in politics, business, entertainment, and tech. We broke out the list of Top 10 Powerful Women in the World that are successful in their respective spheres.

 10. Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton is the first female senator in New York and also she is the only lady to run for president herself. She could find back in White House if she wins the presidential election, but she served as secretary of state and her popularity still land her in office.

9. Beyonce


Beyonce is one of the biggest forces in the entertainment industry. Her influence reaches all the corners of the globe and encourages in global issues like hunger, poverty, health care and pollution.

8. Ginny Rometty


Ginni Rometty is the IBM CEO, the company’s top leader hatched a new plan that IBM invest in areas such as mobile, cloud computing and big data. She had made a remarkable growth as a role of company’s director thus listing her in the list of Top 10 Powerful Women in the World.

7. Park Geun-Hye


Park Geun-Hye is South Korean president and first female leader of the country. She has the difficult and critical responsibilities of diffusing threats  from North Korea. She tried to abandon their nuclear-weapons program by promising humanitarian aid and investment in its weak industries.

6. Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey is the only billionaire female in the US. She becomes one of the most successful personalities as a traumatic upbringing of living in poverty and enduring years of sexual abuse and she is also given the top cultural influence. Her show The Oprah Winfrey Show is one of the highest rated television programs. The list of Top 10 Powerful Women in the World will be incomplete without her.

5. Christine Lagarde


Christine Lagarde is appointed as managing director of International Monetary Fund and she is also the first women to head the organisation as the economic adviser.

4. Dilma Rousseff


Dilma Rousseff is the first female president in Brazil. She leads the largest country in Latin America also she is credited with eradicating extreme poverty in the country and raising the monthly stipend struggling families.

3. Abigail Johnson


Abigail Johnson succeeded as CEO of Fidelity which is the second largest mutual fund company in the US. Abigail Johnson had served as president and hold the fortune of making one of the wealthiest women in the world.

2. Janet Yellen


Janet Yellen is the first women to hold the job as the head of Federal Reserve and she is the guardian of the US Economy. Janet Yellen holds the position of immense power also her decision affect the whole entire country.

1. Angela Merkel


Angela Merkel is a German Chancellor, a strong leader in Europe, she faced many challenges throughout her tenure. Angela helped the country during the financial collapse and global recession and currently managing Europe’s refugee crisis.